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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700X
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    Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 2x8GB CL15 3000MHz
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    AMD Radeon RX5700
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    Fractal Desingn R6
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  1. Mounting bracket from Noctua worked for me. You can get them cheap. Try this link and check where you can get them: https://www.google.com/search?q=noctua+am4+mounting+kit
  2. Ok then, as soon as I get some sleep, I'll test it. Do you guys recommend doing it with OCCT or some other program?
  3. 100% load is not a heavy load? I mean, to be fair, I don't think that I would even get closer to this one while I game, so I'll skip it. Of course I can try to max it with some synthetic benchmarks, but I won't have relation to the previous cooler so I'll stick to this one. So far on idle didn't went over 30*C, on gaming never spiked over 50, so I'm happy with it.
  4. https://imgur.com/tvBTQxr Here's after 6 minutes under 100% load on OCCT. Stays around 65*C. And if I'll ever do anything like that again, I'll upload it properly. I was a bit worried that it will be massive post as photos are large, and I am way too lazy to change size (as you probably already know :p) I mean, I'm a perfectionist. I love to put back every single screw, everything has to go it's way, every single cable has to go EXACTLY the way I want it. But with this one? I thought that probably I won't be able to do it like that, so if I can make it super weird, I'll do it. I could do it, but I wouldn't be able to look at those flying sparks from Dremel blade. It was worth it
  5. So... I did a thing. Story begins with me, guy who likes DIY but can't afford a proper workshop. Or just don't have a space. ANYWAYS, I was browsing eBay and found a TR4 beQuiet Dark Rock Pro for £20. I thought, hell, it's really cheap. So I decided to buy it. I forgot about it until it actually show up at my doorstep. It is MASSIVE! I loved every single thing about this monstrosity. I had to mount it. But is it even possible? By googling through the vast internet I found like 2 threads about it. 1 says that it's impossible, the other one that you have to be magician with machine working. I'm not... ... but I have Dremel. It all started with checking the holes on AM4 motherboard. Since I'm lazy and I don't have any laying around, only in my main rig, I decided that I'll get measurements from the stock cooler. TR4 Dark Rock has one arm for mounting screws longer than the other. So first one, I just needed to drill holes through it at the ends. No big deal (spoiler alert - massive deal). https://imgur.com/DaGlVUX The other one, smaller, all I needed is simply make holes bigger. Maybe with a simple drill I'll be able to do it? (no.) https://imgur.com/SCQEo8D Now, the main arm needs an extra hole to make sure it will align with holes. (Impossibru. At least without any super strong/special tools) https://imgur.com/jDh2i1I So... Let's do it. First, I have couple of drills that might work. Decided to give it a try. https://imgur.com/SsEN6uW After 10 minutes, all I saw was just a small scratch. I gave up. https://imgur.com/rr4aem8 If I don't have a specific drill, maybe I can just do a hole with a Dremel? It won't look good, but it doesn't have to. It has to be big enough to fit a screw through. Try the first cut: https://imgur.com/RCIa6QR So after incredibly professional job from me, (and destroying one Dremel blade https://imgur.com/m5qkGeq) it came out like that: https://imgur.com/rA5EY5y Oh, so professional! https://imgur.com/Rg1qe6S But wait. I'm not going to leave it all silver and shiny. I need to be professional. https://imgur.com/9DExjzF Brilliant. Now, let's try if the screw will fit: https://imgur.com/Eoyqlma Surprisingly well. But I still have two more parts to destro... I mean, adjust. If I don't have a drill and I can't really do a star again... https://imgur.com/se9qWCX Meh, I'll be fine. And final fit: https://imgur.com/w5Vcj6t Holly crap, it might actually work. Or is it? Well, it's time to check. https://imgur.com/dA19YUP ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After disassembly of Noctua cooler I did a test fit of my better, improved mounting brackets... https://imgur.com/DdBandH It did not work. I mean, it kinda worked. Long one was surprisingly tough, it could easily hold the cooler, but the small one, I cut too short. What now?! Wait... what about that Noctua bracket? Might work... https://imgur.com/9IvmIBv Well, from test fit I learned two things. 1) I didn't had to get any holes to make it work, 2) 1 screw less never killed anyone (did you ever disassembly laptop and had zero screws left? I didn't, yet they all work). So as a test was positive, I decided to check first without thermal paste. Let's check. https://imgur.com/SyFJYib https://imgur.com/YpxsxmY https://imgur.com/5PL0zpX https://imgur.com/9QNY3is It... works. I think. I need to tight the screws way too much that I like, but it does fit. I can lift a mobo by the cooler, and it has NO movement anywhere. So I'm happy. On this photo, you can even see how IHS makes contact with cooling plate: https://imgur.com/xVXU03R ... or at least you could see, if I had better camera. Redmi Note 8 is not the best for it. Back to DIY. I decided that it takes WAY too much time now, I need to mount it. If I break MOBO, I'll break it, but I need to make it work. So: https://imgur.com/waFEFe1 https://imgur.com/EiWAPC7 (here you can see it makes a decent contact with IHS) https://imgur.com/0yNlW32 (mounted middle fan and front) AAAAAAAAAND! https://imgur.com/NPbhDIG YES! But wait. It did not post... (because I'm an idiot and didn't fastened PCIe extension properly) 2nd try, and... https://imgur.com/arZJKrH SUCCESS! https://imgur.com/Y6tEFF9 Temps not bad... OCCT stress test, after ~ 6 minutes it stabilized around 67*C and stayed there: https://imgur.com/tvBTQxr So after all. The main questions: 1) Is it better than previous cooler? Yes, by 10*C. 2) Was it worth it? No. 3) Am I proud of it? Hell yes. 4) Would I do it again? Yes. 5) Do I recommend it? NO. It was pain in the ASS to do it, but I had fun. And learned that I need to buy some new tools. Hope you enjoyed it. I know I did.
  6. I mean... I can just try to make it myself. As soon as I can drill some holes, it might be done. 1) that's how it related to AM4 stock cooler (so screw holes does not match) https://ibb.co/vcj0X2y 2) BUT if I cut that hole in half, the one on bottom right (so it will be just half of it, kinda, you know what I mean) https://ibb.co/Jn1CHRM 3) AND screw through that bar so it will make a hole for mounting... https://ibb.co/4pSF8gr 4) AND screw a new hole for that bar for mounting on the bottom, to lift it a bit higher (towards center)... https://ibb.co/xMQZz71 5) It will still have a lot of slack to actually work. https://ibb.co/cTgQPr5 As it is 2:16 at night right now here in UK, I'll wait till 7 AM and make sure to document everything. If not, I'll stick to my Noctua DH14. But I actually like that massive cooler. I want it in my Fractal R6. P.S. I did a thing.
  7. SO! I won auction on ebay. I bought beQuiet Dark Rock Pro TR4 for... £20. With mounting kit + 2 fans. The problem is, I got AM4 mobo with 1700x on it. And it gets me thinking... Did anyone tried to mount TR4 cooler on AM4? Is it even possible? Should I go with the flow and just mash it together, or it's not worth it? Couldn't find any info on the internets, so maybe anyone else tried that before? Technically, from what I see, only the heat plate is bigger, and I think it could be possible...
  8. No, GPU is not custom or anything like that, that's why I'm asking about PC case.
  9. Ok, so I was watching latest GN's video and I noticed that he has something that looks like a case and I WANT IT! Anyone knows where to get it / what's its name? Thanks ?
  10. No, nothing like that. The problem is, it lasted for a whole night when I left it once and Task Manager says, that no task is taking any resources. Edit: I remembered that I OC'd RAM recently, as they are rated on 3000mHz but never actually could get them there. Now when I put them on 2133 they work fine, PC behaves as it should... I think I need a new RAM. Or MOBO. Or both.
  11. Hi guys! I have a massive problem which I can't really figure out. 2 days ago, I was watching youtube when it started to get laggy as hell and all together miserable. After that, I checked what's up as usual (Task manager) and got 99% at core 3. Funny thing, only the Chrome was opened, nothing else. Never had that before. Got BSOD after that and that's it. PC restarted, and after ~30 seconds after boot to windows, it started again. It took core 1 now. Decided, to hell with that, I need to format system anyways as last time I did that was like 2 years ago, went for it. For around 20 minutes was fine, installed chrome, lightshot, MSI Afterburner and HWiNFO64. It came back. I have all of those programs from their official websites, had them on pc for over a year before it all started, and didn't do anything else with PC in the meantime, except playing games and watching youtube. Got any ideas? [HWiNFO64 sensor record - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CauAfHTEHEmm9ItYVUvRCQMW1USxwE0f] Edit: Forgot to add, CCcleaner - no issues, Windows Defender, full scan - no issues. It's PROBABLY not a virus.
  12. Yup. Checked it 3 times. It even made my PC fail at boot twice after it went on with Windows, so had to disconnect. Update #2: It is detected in external case with SeaTools and it does pass "Long Generic" test, but fails "Short Generic". Hmmmmmmmmmm...
  13. Hi guys! I have a bit of a weird situation here. I got for free from my friend, SSHD from Seagate. Normally, it doesn't boot at all, despite the fact that it spins. Sometimes though, it works flawlessly. It's so random that I have no idea what could cause it. SeaTools does not detect it, but Disk Manager detects it up to ~1,5 minutes after booting to windows, then it disappears. As I got it for free, I'm happy to try any options you will drop. Did you ever had something like that? How did you combat it? P.S. Disk1, that's the one on photos below, and whenever I try to do anything with it, it gives me the error. But like I said, sometimes it works flawlessly. (1 out of 80 starts of PC). Update#1: When I connected it through outside HDD case through USB 3.0 - nothing happened at all. USB 2.0, worked, but windows said that there's a fatal hardware problem. (attachment 3)
  14. Well, it actually allows me to OC. Bios had this option since I remember, and it was working great. How low would you recommend to lower it? Never played with voltage, so I have no idea where to start.