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  1. Hi everyone, i have an ongoing projet with arduino: i have to control 2 servos with the data coming from the MPU6050 digital motion processor. In particular: one servo needs to move following the data from the pitch axis, the angle of the second servo needs to be proportional to the velocity (calculated from the acceleration). All the sketches that i found are a bit messy and i have problems reading the acceleration from the sensor. Does anyone have some sketch thath are similar to what i need to do? Thanks
  2. Dreax

    Connection over Thunderbolt

    Ok, now the big question: my monitor run on 144hz only on dvi dual link, i wonder if there is a way to connect it through the thunderbolt cable
  3. Dreax

    Connection over Thunderbolt

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know how Linus manage to connect all the peripherals over a single thunderbolt 2 cable? Thanks