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  1. budget gaming computer

    Thats normal, try doing a gpu intensive benchmark or gaming for more than 30 mins and see if they do kick in. The crashing isnt though, drivers maybe?
  2. I am moving into a new house, where there is a room which I want to use for a home theatre setup. The wall is about 3/4 metres away from the sofa. I already have a logitech speaker, however I lack a good projector. Where can I get one under 500 swiss francs in switzerland or germany? Things I need: Atleast HDMI or VGA (Can be 1 hdmi 1 vga, 2 hdmi or 2vga) 1x of those colored ones that goes into a wii Nice to haves: Quiet operation Remote included Established brand Which one should I get?
  3. Free MKV editor that has a timeline?

    @NelizMastr it came with windows 7 and 8 (at least) and those who upgraded to 10 got to keep it. It doesnt come with windows 10 but I think you can download it (quick google, many results maybe fake idk)
  4. Free MKV editor that has a timeline?

    If you are just looking to sync things, windows movie maker (free). You could also just buy filmora (isnt really advanced).
  5. What is this port???

    For context: Im moving into a new house, in my life I have only seen and experienced DSL and VDSL2 ports, however the house im moving into has really strange ports (see below). I know for a fact that these were used owners. My isp provided router has no port which matches this one, although they did include an adapter for vdsl so I could just buy one?
  6. Does this router support a phone?

  7. Does this router support a phone?

    idk about sq feet but walls are concrete
  8. Does this router support a phone?

    Would that cover my ENTIRE house? [3 stories] also how many devices could that support?
  9. Does this router support a phone?

    the router is dsl but the wall thing is vdsl2 (copper) and they included an adapter. The model (they make their own routers unlike american/swedish providers) is the swisscom "internet box plus" https://www.swisscom.ch/en/residential/help/device/internet-router/internetbox.html @Lurick @newcbomb
  10. Does this router support a phone?

  11. Does this router support a phone?

    Better wireless range and stability. 7 metres away from my current router, I am getting a solid 0.80mbps up/down. Paying for 100 down, 20 up. Ethernet is fine though.
  12. Does this router support a phone?

    @Lurick What do you mean with provisioning it
  13. Does this router support a phone?

    how about this? https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01KZQFZAI/ref=emc_b_5_i @Lurick
  14. Does this router support a phone?

    So my current networking setup is made up of a phillips phone and a swisscom router. I have them plugged into eachother and its internet based phone but its connected in a different port then ethernet. I was wondering if this router would work to replace my swisscom one: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00FL1IFM8/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza
  15. RAM? Idk ur current speed but both speed and size helps.