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  1. You could just mount the fans on the inside of the case. Then you can keep the 200m fans on the front. I did that with my 280 and it works great. At first I tried it with only the 200mm fans and it wasn't good. Barely okay. I wouldn't recommend it. I am using 2 280mm rads in series, running 1 with CPU fans and the other with GPU fans, so no matter whats under load, the water will be cooled.
  2. You should really use punctuation! your message is difficult to understand.
  3. It could also be temperature related. My card had a bad contact to the cooler which lead to artifacting @ 52-54 degrees, and crash @ 57 degrees.
  4. I took apart my Corsair H115i and spliced a GPU in to the loop, with a small reservoir. It worked well, but the pump had to run at max rpm all the time to keep the flow going. I used soft tubing and fittings made for the tubing.
  5. Sounds to me like the CPU is overheating and shutting it self down to protect itself. Take of the cooler and make sure that the thermal paste to applied correctly, and when you remount the cooler, make sure it makes a good contact with the CPU.
  6. If the problem only exists when system is under load, then the problem might be the PSU! How old is it? How "big" is it? Have your replaced any parts before the problem started?
  7. Check all power and SATA connections. One or more might have come loose during the move!
  8. Sounds to me like your GPU can't read the rpm of the fans correctly due to a bad connection. If you can, try to disconnect and then reconnect the fan headers on the GPU. The card regulates the speed of the fan by using the rpm signal coming from the fan. If it can't read it correctly, it will send increasing voltage to the fan until it receives the rpm signal it expects.
  9. MiniMike DK


    Hi. I was wondering whats the best setting for PhysX? Running on CPU or GPU? I'm running an I9-9900K and an RTX2080, both watercooled.
  10. The included fans aren't really that good. Just replace the fans with a pair of Noctuas 1500rpm (or more) fans. Their 1500Rpm versions have just about the same dB's, but move more air. I did and it helped. Try it before replacing the entire AIO