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  1. a9249

    32:9 2160p?

    Does it exist yet? Is anyone working on one?
  2. Here's a strange request for anyone in the know. I have been tasked to set up monitoring stations, that take images at 10 minute intervals... in the middle of nowhere. These stations are in northern canada at the far extents of the cell network. Ideally I would like a webcam all in one solution that can automatically take an imagine and transmit. I've looked into trail or critter cams, but they appear to only be motion sensor activated. So my question is this: are there any that someone knows is capable of a time-lapse mode (take interval photo->transmit). Will be hooking up to a 12v battery bank and solar system. Before I go and take the time to construct a fleet of super complex razpi, I'd like to know if there's a simple plug and play option. Thanks guys!
  3. I'm looking for a super-ultra-wide monitor that is essentially 2x 4k displays glued together. It will be replacing my current 2x 1080 gaming monitors on individual mounts. It MUST be mountable on an arm. don't care about refresh rate. Good colours are required [mostly used for video editing]. Do they even exist yet? When do you think we might see them?
  4. Solved: Asus tuf Ryzen, just released. Battery is lacking but everything else checks out. 1200CAD
  5. Yes, from the tower.... hence the wanting "a 65inch monitor"
  6. Like the title says, I just want a TV that has an HDMI input(s); signal goes in, signal gets displayed. Like a monitor, but you know... 65 inches. All programming runs off the tower, no need for that crappy painfully slow smart stuff. Is this a thing that even exists? ...Or am I looking exclusively at projectors now?
  7. VR makes me sick... in some games, not others. Isolated problem to pushing frames. Whats the most powerful frame monster money can buy with an AIO and some serious overclocking headroom attached? I'm taking 120 as its minimum output here. Single cards only (I've been down the SLI road before and never again).
  8. I need a good case with oodles of ports; cat 6, hdmi, lots of usb - for work equipment... but don't need the most powerful or expensive internals, I can bump up my own ram and nvme.... essentially an easy custom build if i didnt need it in laptop format... what are my options? OR i5, 1050, swappable ram and nvme slots, cat6 & hdmi, 95wh bat, - under 1500$
  9. Can't use dongles, custom software does not allow.
  10. 6 hours running full screen & IO during missions in a turbulent plane with intermittent power input, metal = scratch & impact resistant (plastic gear gets obliterated if we get neg-G turbulence, also less RF shielding). weight depends on component balance, no specific number but I have to haul ass with it so lighter is better- under 10lbs full package. Canada.
  11. ports are required for the work equipment. non-negotiable must haves.