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  1. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/p76L8K Psu included Faster memory included Bigger SSD included These 3 main things kept your build from being moderately decent.
  2. http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c05158393 Here you go buddy. Take it easy.
  3. I'd take REVO uninstaller to it and reinstall it again.
  4. jumps up



  5. Good! Now for the crashing you can most likely use this tool to make clean media and it shouldn't crash hopefully https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
  6. Do you have the usb or any other peripherals installed at the moment.?
  7. Sounds like it's crashing I would try a fresh reinstall with another usb of media. Also F2 for bios make sure it isn't going to sleep.
  8. If you need help preforming factory reset I can instruct you on how to do so.
  9. I have worked closely with Acer notebooks and have dealt with this issue numerous times. The only possible options are... ! Unplug the charger and hold down the power button for 60 seconds Device manager uninstall the Microsoft ac adapter and Microsoft acpi compliant control method battery under the battery category Update the bios (Risky because if the unit looses power it will brick it.) Also unplugging it while inside of bios to confirm if the battery is the crook or the OS is.
  10. You can try making a new User account via netplwiz in a run box. Also running it in safemode is a good bet. Reinstalling the GPU drivers would possibly help.
  11. I believe that the GPU has lived it's life well but here is some fighting steps. Try another PCIe slot. Take a can of compressed air to the PCIe slots. Pull the CMOS battery while your in to reset the bios config. Reinstall the drivers from the OEM site. Final STEP - Reinstall the OS. Keep in mind it's a 5 year old GPU with lots of runtime I assume.
  12. A list of spec's would help. But pulling the CMOS battery while the GPU is installed and the computer is off is a start. Also try using cables with no adapters preferably HDMI to HDMI straight to the monitor. I've had a problem like this when my HDMI TO DVI-D adapter was a slight bit loose just a complete black screen.
  13. You can always go into device manager and edit the power settings of the device like your LAN adapter not to sleep or your wireless adapter when the computer sleeps.
  14. It's alright but if your running just Windows firewall. Windows defender is also running so I'd say it's okay unless your running through the sketchiest websites getting free torrents and cracks etc..
  15. I would try and use the Hextech-Repair-Tool. This is a very useful tool designed for reinstalling and locating issues with the game.