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  1. Recommend me a game

    You got safe link(s)? I tried to download an emulator on coolrom.com but avast blocked it.
  2. Showing different Ram Speeds in BIOS

    From what I know that is the stock frequency which is normal unless you overclock it yourself. To be sure, just wait for other members to reply or research it yourself (if you can't wait).
  3. Recommend me a game

    Thanks for the effort! I'll see this in a minute. Thanks! I'll search for it. Thanks for the effort! I'll see this in a minute.
  4. Recommend me a game

    Thanks, checking it out now.
  5. Recommend me a game

    I see, thanks I bookmarked their site now.
  6. Recommend me a game

    I like fighting, first person shooter but generally anything will do. I see, I am going to download steam now and see what happens. Thanks!
  7. Recommend me a game

    Recommend me a game that: can run on a potato laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad T420). free to download, no torrenting needed. offline, I have a shitty internet so online is a no no.
  8. Thanks for the help though it is working again I do not know why.
  9. Hi, it worked in a few seconds then it redirected to opera-error(null)
  10. Hi, I just tried to do a quick test on my Apple Device the Opera is working. So it is okay to consider that this is only happening on my laptop.
  11. Problem: Opera and Google Chrome keeps saying that I have no internet connection even though I have. OS: Windwos 7 Pro 64bit. Specs: Lenovo Thinkpad T420. Bios Version: LENOVO 83ET79WW (1.49 ), 9/5/2016 More info: I opened the Private Browsing of Opera and enabled the VPN function and it works. Disabling it makes it not work. Private Browsing of Google Chrome does not work. I am using Mozilla FireFox the latest version to post this. I tried to reinstall the Google Chrome and restart the laptop it does not work. What do you think the cause of the problem? Is it my ISP? Hope somebody can help me.
  12. IPC: Ryzen 1600 vs i5 4590

    Pretty sure yeah, don't know about the 4590 one. Thanks for the link, gonna watch it.