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  1. STRMfrmXMN's PSU Whitelist

    Thank you.
  2. STRMfrmXMN's PSU Whitelist

    Philippines, the cheaper the better, planning to buy an i5-8400 and gtx 1060 6gb. I found a CX550M here is that fine?
  3. STRMfrmXMN's PSU Whitelist

    I saw this power supply, is it good? The be quiet! one is not available here.
  4. STRMfrmXMN's PSU Whitelist

    Thank you very much for this. I see, thank you.
  5. STRMfrmXMN's PSU Whitelist

    Oh I see, thank you, what would you recommend? I am planning to buy a 1060 6gb and a i5-8400, cx550m?
  6. STRMfrmXMN's PSU Whitelist

    I am quite confused as the OP included "All the Strike-X series". Thanks by the way.
  7. STRMfrmXMN's PSU Whitelist

    Hey @STRMfrmXMN, @quan289 is this a good PSU, Strike X 500 watts? Just want to confirm, thanks!
  8. Recommend me a game

    You got safe link(s)? I tried to download an emulator on coolrom.com but avast blocked it.
  9. Showing different Ram Speeds in BIOS

    From what I know that is the stock frequency which is normal unless you overclock it yourself. To be sure, just wait for other members to reply or research it yourself (if you can't wait).
  10. Recommend me a game

    Thanks for the effort! I'll see this in a minute. Thanks! I'll search for it. Thanks for the effort! I'll see this in a minute.
  11. Recommend me a game

    Thanks, checking it out now.
  12. Recommend me a game

    I see, thanks I bookmarked their site now.
  13. Recommend me a game

    I like fighting, first person shooter but generally anything will do. I see, I am going to download steam now and see what happens. Thanks!
  14. Recommend me a game

    Recommend me a game that: can run on a potato laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad T420). free to download, no torrenting needed. offline, I have a shitty internet so online is a no no.