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  1. another update i feel silly about lol. i just plugged in the display port into the far right slot on the card and got video. i guess a lesson for anyone reading this in the future is to make sure ALL power cables are connected, and maybe check to see which port on the card you need to plug into. thanks everyone
  2. ive made a discover that i feel very ashamed of. the card has 8 pin and 6 pin power connectors, and i was only using the 8 pin. i plugged in the 6 pin one as well and when i turned on my pc, the fans weren't running full strength but were still running. now the problem is i dont get video at all, neither from the card or the mb
  3. my card isnt listed in display adapters
  4. im not sure how to check that
  5. ive checked the card and the slot for any damage or dust and dont see anything. i have my monitor plugged into both the card and motherboard, but when i try to switch to the card it gets no video. just tried booting up with it only plugged into the card and still nothing. the card is getting power because the fans turn on and stay on for a while but will turn off after 5-10 minuets.
  6. just tried it and after restart i tried to install the driver but still got the same message
  7. i recently rebuilt my pc, and my gpu isnt being detected as the title states. everything else works fine, it boots into windows and bios shows everything except for the graphics card. ive tried downloading drivers for it to see if that would fix it but i get a message saying, "the NVIDIA graphics driver is not compatible with this version of windows", and "this graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware". bios is up to date and so is windows. when i turn on my pc, the fans on the card stay on for 5-10 minuets. i currently have my monitor plugged into the mb as thats the only way i can get video. any help would be great. build: cpu: i7 9700k gpu: msi 2070 super ventus oc gp edition mb: msi mpg z390 gaming plus ram: corsair lpx 16gb (2 sticks of 8gb) psu: evga supernova 750w gold standard plus
  8. I was given skyrim legendary edition for pc last Christmas but I didn't have a computer capable of running it until recently. My problem is that it's on a CD and I have no optical drive, but I have a flash drive. Can I put the game on the flash drive and it be ok or will it lock me out and say no you can't play me now. I also would like to know if that installs it to my computer or if I need to have the CD or flash drive in my computer to play.
  9. After plenty of troubleshooting I realized my core i7 7700k isn't currently compatible my Asus Z170 pro mobo without a bios upgrade. I've seen plenty of things on generally how but nothing with this specific motherboard. Do i need to put it on a usb or can I just do it in the bios? I'm planning on getting a cheap 6th gen skylake celeron to do the upgrade then switch back to my i7 Do I need to put the upgraded version on a usb then plug it into my computer or can I just tell it to upgrade with EZ flash? I've seen instances of both but I'm just wondering for this particular mobo Any tips or necessary info would be great!
  10. Yes but it didn't work. I looked it up in the manual and removed the battery then plugged it back in then reset but still nothing
  11. I can do that without seeing anything on the screen? Still nothing when I connected it to the board or changed slots. Since it's my first build I don't have any spare parts to check with unfortunately
  12. Still nothing when I connected it to the board or changed slots. Since it's my first build I don't have any spare parts to check with unfortunately
  13. so today i built my first gaming computer containing asus z170 pro intel core 17 7700k gtx 1070 founders be quiet dark rock pro 3 corsair vengeance lpx 16gb wd 1tb hdd (plan to add ssd later) evga 750w gold pus the power gets to everything but it doesnt post and nothing at all is showing on my monitor. the ram light flashes red then turns off when i power it on, all the fans turn on including in the gpu and the geforce gtx logo on it. ive tried using the hdmi port on the card then unplugging the gpu and just using the integrated graphics but still nothing and as far as i can tell the ram is seated fine. i think the mb might be bad but im not sure. any tips?? (New addition after some testing) OK. SO after some thinking, I believe the problem is the cpu. Because power gets to everything fine (meaning all fans and indicator leds light up), and when I tried to reset the bios and clear cmos nothing changed (other than when powering up it did turn off then back on. Even removed battery, put it back in and did it again).. I Think the mb is fine. But when I tried to plug the monitor into the gpu and then the mb to use igpu nothing happened. So I think the problem is the cpu. I made sure the power is plugged in. (I did check the ram btw) I reseated it, reattached the air cooler and tried again with the gpu and integrated but still nothing. So before I see about replacing it.. any thoughts? (New findings) The highest supported processor for my motherboard is 6th gen without a bios upgrade SO I need to get a compatible processor so i could then upgrade it and use my 7th gen 7700k