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    computer tech


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    Intel Core i7 6700k
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    Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
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    32 GB DDR4 GSkill Ripjaws V
  • GPU
    GTX 1080 Turbo
  • Case
    NZXT h500
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    512 GB SSD 2 TB HDD
  • PSU
    1000 WATT 80 Plus Gold
  • Display(s)
    34 INCH Ultrawide LG
  • Cooling
    Kraken NXT
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    Corsair Rapidfire
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    Razer Deathadder Elite
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    Razer Kraken
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Pretty self explanatory. No specific reason.
  2. I'm 13 and my mom doesn't want me to do this so I want to know how much it would be so I can convince her. My phone is dead.
  3. I currently have a crappy cyberpowerpc x titan 200 case. And I would like to move my components to a nice NZXT 500i. Although I'm too lazy and scared to do it. Do you think Best Buy/Geek Squad would do this? If so, what would the price be around?
  4. Hey, I did get it. I got in on sale a few months ago for $85. Super solid, no flex. The RGB looks fantastic, best rainbow wave I've seen. The Silver speed keys feel amazing. At first, they were hard to use because of the super light actuation force. But after a couple of weeks I got used to it and it is the best keyboard I've had. Amazing for gaming, the typing experience is good but a little difficult again with the actuation force.
  5. I used user benchmark for the test, does that program cause this?
  6. Hey, I just ran a benchmark and it says my CPU (i7 6700k unlocked) is performing bad because 65% is being used by background processes. I went in to task manager to see what was going on and no programs are using even near that, it looks fine. Any help.
  7. Ok cool, yeah I am planning on doing a full custom waterloop. With 4 480mm radiators. It may sound crazy but I think it will be fun :)))
  8. yeah, almost always intel defeats amd cpus
  9. I sell photography and videography. Of course, I will have to sell my current build (GTX 1080 i7 6700k 32Gb Ram) to meet the price range.
  10. The bottleneck will be awful. I would def wait and get a new cpu, I personally don't like AMD, the i5 is good though.
  11. I'm 13, which you already pretty much stated, Sherlock.
  12. Alright, thanks man! Without, and I don't mind the price. This PC will help me make money, I do photography and videography and I need a good editing pc. I wanna make extra money and save up while I'm young. :)) I don't mind getting a new top radiator, I will look into the tower case a little more tho.
  13. Ok, I really like the look of the 1000D though, and I am planning on doing a custom waterloop. And the cooling options for it is great. I could have 4 480 mm radiators.