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  1. Corsair Nick

    Corsair Void RGB Wireless battery issues

    Sounds good. Let me know if you guys run into any issues.
  2. Corsair Nick

    Corsair Void RGB Wireless battery issues

    If cycling the battery isn't working, the headset most likely will need to be replaced. As far as warranty goes, I would have your friend create a ticket and submit his info because our warranty is not transferable. If the headset is within 2 years, we can get a replacement sent out.
  3. Official measurements are: 130.0(L) x 80.0(W) x 45.0(H) mm / 5.12”(L) x 3.15”(W) x 1.77”(H) Let me know if you are looking for anything else.
  4. Corsair Nick

    Radiator Fan Question

    Not uncommon to see. We state a 10% +/- for RPM variance in our spec which can be accounted for by air flow resistance, etc.
  5. Corsair Nick

    Replace chassis fans

    You are correct, the Commander Pro would replace your built-in fan controller, and provide LED and fan speed control through the iCUE software. The Commander Pro will connect to the USB 2.0 header on the motherboard, and a SATA power connector from your PSU. Let me know if you have additional questions, and I can help you out.
  6. Corsair Nick

    Good wireless gaming mouse

    I would recommend the Corsair Dark Core as well. It is rated at 1ms response, both wired and wireless. The right side has an interchangeable plate that be switched out with a pinky rest for added grip control depending on what is more comfortable. The Qi charging feature with the SE model might not be for everyone, but it can be very convenient. I use mine every day in the office, then place it on the MM1000 Qi spot to charge overnight for the next day. Pretty much never have to plug in the mouse. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.
  7. Corsair Nick

    New Keyboard For My Birthday

    Corsair K95 Platinum or K70 MK.2 are going to be the two options from Corsair with Cherry MX Brown Switches. Feature wise, both are almost identical with aluminum chassis, hardware playback (onboard profile storage), per key lighting and remaps, and USB pass through. K95 Platinum has more lighting zones for the top bar, dedicated G-Keys, and a soft touch/textured reversible wrist rest. Let me know if you have any questions or are looking for any other specific features.
  8. I would look into the Corsair Ironclaw, which is a new design for 2019. It was designed towards users like yourself with larger hands and wanting a palm grip mouse, but even people with smaller hands really like the design. Fully programmable with our iCUE software in terms of RGB lighting and button remapping. You can also save your profile to the mouse and take it with you to use on a different PC with all your remaps. Let me know if you have any questions about the mouse, or are looking for any specific features, and I can help make some suggestions.
  9. Corsair Nick

    Question about AIOs temperature

    Not really seeing anything that would raise questions with the temps you are getting. I would double check the ambient temps of the benchmarks you are comparing against, this can contribute to the variance you saw. You can also try adjusting the pump speed in the iCUE software and see if that helps out. There should be three different settings, with Extreme being the highest.
  10. Corsair Nick

    Is my Corsair H100i V2 failing?

    Sounds like you've already taken the right steps in reaching out to our technical support team for a replacement. We do offer an advanced RMA option where the replacement can be shipped ahead. If you run into any issues with the RMA, feel free to let me know and I can help you out.
  11. Corsair Nick

    Will a 120mm and 240mm front radiator fit?

    Won't be able to stack both in the front because the endtanks for the radiators would overlap. You should have enough room in the top of the 500D SE to mount the radiator for the H100i Platinum, and then mount the second radiator on the rear fan mount. This will give you fresh air from the front, and exchange the heat away from your components and out of the case.
  12. Corsair Nick

    H80i GT temp troubles

    Just double checking, you are using Corsair Link to adjust the fan curve? The CPU_fan header on the motherboard should be set to full speed in the BIOS. If not, the pump will run improperly and you'll have issues with cooling the CPU.
  13. Corsair Nick

    Radiator Fan Question

    The design of the white LL120 fans is no different from the black version. Only key difference was the increased maximum RPM on the white version. Because the fan was released with the H100i Platinum SE Hydro Cooler, we wanted to maximize the cooling potential of the combo. LL120 fans can be used with radiators, but if you want the best balance of performance and silence, ML120 fans will be the choice to go with.
  14. Corsair Nick

    Thermal Paste Degragation

    Try removing the cooler and gently shaking the pump and radiator, then running the system with the pump facing the ceiling. You might have a trapped air bubble in the system. If that doesn't help with your temps, you can also work with out technical support staff to get a replacement through warranty. All of our pumps come with a 5-year warranty. You can submit a ticket through the link below: https://support.corsair.com/
  15. We actually have an advanced RMA service where we ship the replacement first. Might be an option you want to take advantage of since you want the replacement as quick as possible.
  16. Corsair Nick

    Corsair 1000D with a single Eatx?

    Love the ambition, and want to see this build when it gets done. Reminds me of when I was your age doing system builds for friends and family. It's not a ridiculous idea to run just a single system in the 1000D, because you can always add the mITX setup later when you need it. Judging from your comments, it sounds like you have an idea of how you want to build the case. A lot of freedom to customize the loop and components the way you want.
  17. I would give the paperclip test a try with a molex fan or something similar. It's not outside the realm of possibility that you could have a bad cable. If it turns out the cable is bad, our technical support staff can send you a replacement to you under warranty.
  18. Corsair Nick

    Horrible Corsair Customer Support.

    No worries, I'm here to help all of you guys out. If you make it out to one of the major North America events like Dreamhack Montreal, or PAX East or West, etc., there is a good chance I'll be there too. Come by the booth and say Hi.
  19. Corsair Nick

    I need a new mouse

    No problem, feel free to let me know if you run into any issues or have other questions.
  20. Corsair Nick

    I need a new mouse

    Worth would be preferential and dependent on how much you value cutting the wire. Performance wise, Dark Core is on par with wired mice since it is capable of the same 1ms response time wired or wireless. Not sure if you have put your hand on Dark Core yet, but I would try it out before making a decision. On a separate note, there are a couple things you can do with your Glaive. Under settings in iCUE, you can adjust the click optimization to a different setting. If that doesn't help, you can have the unit replaced through warranty. Submit a ticket through the link below, and one of our technical support reps can help you out from there: https://support.corsair.com/
  21. Corsair Nick

    I need a new mouse

    Dark Core for me is a very comfortable mouse as well. For daily use at the office, I use the wireless dongle while I'm at my desk, then switch to Bluetooth and use it with my laptop for meetings which is pretty convenient. With the SE model, I just put it on my MM1000 Qi spot to charge it overnight so its ready to use the next day. Unless there is a new firmware update, pretty much never plug in the cable.
  22. Corsair Nick

    Horrible Corsair Customer Support.

    We have a pretty straight forward process, and it's usually quick and painless, but maybe there is some confusion happening on the ticket. Can you PM me your ticket number so I can look into this with our technical support staff?
  23. Corsair Nick

    I need a new mouse

    If you get some free time, go to your local retailer or a tradeshow, and put your hand on some different mice to see how they feel. Everyone can recommend mice all day, but if it's not comfortable, chances are you won't keep it very long. Do you have any specific features or budget you are looking for? There are currently two Corsair wireless mice you can look at, Harpoon Wireless and Dark Core. Depending on what you are looking for, I can provide suggestion on which might be better suited feature wise.
  24. Corsair Nick

    Wireless Mouse

    My suggestion also. Similar weight and size to your current mouse, and fits your budget. There are a lot of nice features included like the new Slipstream technology which provides sub-1ms response, and up to 30ft of range. You're based in the UK, so there should be some on display in a local retailer for you to see how it feels in the palm of your hand. Let me know if you have any questions.
  25. Corsair Nick

    Looking for a case (M-ATX)

    Take a look at the Corsair Air 240 if you get a chance. Fits all the pre-reqs you are looking for, including budget. My last build was in one, and really enjoyed building in the case since it's a twin chamber design. I upgraded to the 280X with a complete new build, but would have kept the Air 240 if that didn't happen. Let me know if you have any additional questions about building in the Air 240, and I can help you out.