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  1. Corsair Nick

    best case for 2x 360MM radiators?

    Top panel is actually removable, and comes with a magnetic filter you can put in place of it if you want increased airflow instead of noise reduction. I'll pass the suggestion along for the mesh front and see if it's something we can offer in the future. Feedback is always welcomed from you guys.
  2. Corsair Nick

    Are wireless mice good for gaming now?

    Wireless gaming mice have come a long way over the years, and have 1ms response just like wired mice. Technology like Corsair's Slipstream have built in redundancies to ensure sub 1ms response is maintained and there are no connection issues while gaming. If you get a chance, visit a local retailer and see which mouse feels more comfortable in the palm of your hand. There is no point in considering a mouse that doesn't feel comfortable to you regardless of performance. As far as options, Harpoon Wireless comes with Slipstream technology, and is an entry level gaming mouse. Dark Core will have a higher end Pixart sensor, Qi charging (SE model), and more customizable buttons and side grips. Let me know if you have any questions about either mouse.
  3. Corsair Nick

    Corsair K95 Platinum Rapidfire RGB

    I think you might have also posted on our internal forums also. Check the response I posted earlier this morning, and we can go from there.
  4. Corsair Nick

    Ml240r vs corsair h100i rgb platinum

    Any particular features you are looking for? What other components do you already have in your build, including peripherals? This is not a true statement
  5. Corsair Nick

    best case for 2x 360MM radiators?

    Just curious, what were some of the key features you liked in the 570X? Since the 570X didn't work out, a new option you might be interested in is the Corsair 678C. We actually just launched this case a couple weeks ago. It's capable of housing dual 360mm radiators, and was designed with custom loop cooling in mind.
  6. Corsair Nick

    Budget Recommendations?

    For the Spec-06, it's really easy to control. There is a controller that comes installed with pre-defined profiles you can cycle through. More advanced RGB integration would be the Spec-Omega where you can control it with the iCUE software.
  7. Corsair Nick

    Budget Recommendations?

    For your budget, I'd take a look at either the Corsair 275R or Spec-06. Same features across the board for both; PSU shroud, good amount of radiator support, vertical mount GPU. Styling would be more of a personal preference. Let me know if you have questions about either case.
  8. Corsair Nick

    Where do I connect?

    @Constantin - Feel free to post some pics of the cable you purchased for your second EPS connection. Clear shots of both connectors will help shed some light on what could be the issue.
  9. Corsair Nick

    Best gaming headset (7.1 surround)

    If you get a chance to try on the headset, that is the top thing I'd recommend so you know how comfortable it feels. Everyone has a different headshape, and headsets feel different depending on preference. HS60 is more of a traditional look and feel, while the Void Pro is a bit more aggressive styling. Both have 7.1 virtual surround, with HS having leatherette ear pads vs Void using microfiber.
  10. Corsair Nick

    Is bigger better?

    Leaking AIO's do come up time to time, but some companies like Corsair have policies in the unlikely event something catastrophic does occur. I get asked about this quite often from people that are on the fence about water cooling their system. As far as case suggestions, the Corsair 680X and 678C are two new cases you might be interested in. 680X is a twin chamber design which mounts your drives and PSU away from your other components that generate a lot of heat, and is incredibly easy to cable manage. If you're looking to house a lot of drives for the workflow you mentioned, the 678C might be the route to go. It can house up to 8 3.5" Drives, and is built with sound damping foam, providing quiet operation while you stream. Let me know if you have questions about either case, or if you have any concerns about running an AIO in your rig.
  11. Corsair Nick

    Trying to cable manage a usb3 cable

    One option you could look into are the Corsair Premium Sleeved Front Panel Extension kits that were launched recently. The kit extends the USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HD Audio, and front IO connections with sleeved cables like our Premium Sleeved PSU cable kits in Black, White, Blue or Red. With some creative cable routing you can make those vertical cables pop rather than hiding them. Matching SATA cables are available as well for your drives. Let me know if you have any questions.
  12. Corsair Nick

    Mouse: 2.4G v Bluetooth

    Perfect, so if you're looking to get the most battery life, I would use the Bluetooth connection for daily use. You should get around the same hours of usage mentioned above. If you have any other questions, let me know and I can help you out.
  13. Corsair Nick

    Best gaming headset (7.1 surround)

    Any specific features you are looking for? PC only? Console?
  14. Corsair Nick

    Best headphone for gaming + general use?

    Corsair HS70 for wireless and HS60 for wired have been my go to recently. The Corsair HS headset family is more of a traditional look and feel vs the Void Pro, and have a slight edge on compatibility depending on model/features you want. Since I use a standalone mic at home, I removed the mic from my HS, and it looks like an ordinary headset. Are you playing on console as well as on PC?
  15. Corsair Nick

    Mechanical Keyboard Choosing.

    Ah ok, those and other larger keys are very different in terms of function because of their size. All of them utilize stabilizers in addition to the mechanical switch to minimize tilting during actuation. Pretty much all mechanical switch keyboards will experience the same behavior you mentioned. I've provided similar feedback to yours to our development team, and the K70 MK.2 SE one example of offering PBT out of the box, but I can't say if this will be come a trend or not.