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  1. I found coolermaster mastergel maker from one of my frequented shop. Is that one good? Cost close enough to Grizzly Conductonaut
  2. Not sure how to choose. Kinda wanted to get Grizzly Conductonaut, but not sure if its safe to use (I recall reading something about nickel plates and things). I don't: -Overclock -Have PC in a bedroom with AC
  3. Uhh, well. I never mentioned GPU having any problem. Did state I was breadboarding too. - Anyway, problem solved. Dead cpu
  4. No, I wasn't OCing it. But a couple days ago, my brother said my PC has been heating up alot lately (I didn't know). Only yesterday did I found out one of my case fan wasn't spinning, so I disassembled and replaced it. After the reassembling, it wouldn't boot.. lol It does seem very likely CPU is the culprit though. RIP 2020. It should. I didn't try, but the problem for now is CPU, PSU, Mobo. Mobo and PSU are kinda ruled out as they are both working in the service center..
  5. PC Specs: Mobo: Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3 PSU: FSP Hydro-G 650w CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 Last night, my PC stopped booting (even with breadboard aka Mobo + Cpu + Cpu fan only). Mobo LED simply kept being stuck on the CPU, along with mobo not giving any beeps (I plugged and replugged the speaker several times). Today, I took both my Mobo + PSU (because same service center. But the CPU isnt) for a checkup in the service center. Both worked for the tests. What has been tested so far becomes: 1. Different PSU 2. Different CPU (in the service center) 3. Reseating CPU and cables It will be awhile until I can test it again later at home. What can I try? I only suspect the CPU and power cable now (the cable to PSU). - And if it turns out the CPU is really dead.. 1. What's a cheap and good alternative from the Ryzen 3 (1000 lineups) vs Athlon AM4 lineups? 2. If I change any component of the PC (mobo or CPU specifically), will I need to format? If I do, which component change will need me to do a format? Thanks!
  6. I never checked, so I can't say what it was. But its not the latter i5-2100 and i5-2400. Also turns out I remembered the wrong motherboard. It is Gigabyte h61m-ds2 3.0
  7. Uhh well, it was fine with the i5-2100 (I don't remember what it started with). Though the one who tinkered/set it up was the techniiician, not me just replacing it. There were 2 times of change actually: 1. (forgot what cpu) - suddenly keeps turning computer on and off. 2. (left it to technician) - changed to i5-2100 (not sure if anything else was changed, and no idea if they did anything special) 3.(changed to i5-2400 by technician) - it boots, but is very slow (not as bad as 1). But either way, it wasn't usable for work. This isn't technically my PC so I can't really control 2 to 3 (would rather not doing anything personally, 2100 to 2400 isnt a big leap either).
  8. It was i5-2100, I upgraded it to i5-2400 (yeah not a big difference). Only did it because a technician said the fault lies in CPU. (Had a problem where PC was freezing and restarting by itself before the change/upgrade) As for motherboard, I forgot.. Can check it tomorrow. If I recall correctly its this one though: GA-H61M-S2P-rev-30
  9. I upgraded my CPU just recently without changing other parts. But upon usage, the PC would slow down really bad (and even freeze/crashes) if I do my work (Illustrator things, etc.) Is there something I must do upon upgrading just the CPU? Like a format, or anything?
  10. Ah, AVs huh.. Guess that's a no go unless I feel like using Premium MBAM or a diff AV, lol. Since I don't particularly use any AV aside Free MBAM.
  11. Any specific file. Not a specific file format. Well, my use case in mind is actually for *cough anti-adblockers cough*. Hence specific file and not whole website.
  12. Yes, this has been a question that I had in mind for quite awhile. I couldn't really find anything for it on Google, but who knows? Might have searched with the wrong keywords all these time.
  13. CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3 RAM: SiliconPower 2x8GB 2400MHz PSU: FSP Hydro Gold 650W GPU: RX 560 4GB It happens sometimes (I always hibernate). I just force-shutdown it with the power button when it happens, but wondering what could be the cause. Just started happening recently (like a week or 2, happened 2 times total so far). PC has been used for more or less a year. Upon booting up from the force-shutdown, I can still resume from my hibernate session. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Ah cool. Nice to know that. Not much of a reason really, aside wanting longer warranty (and I got it cheap, I guess?). Not cheaper than a new Sapphire Pulse, but much longer warranty. Also my Sapphire Pulse, I have to send it to another city if I ever need to use the warranty. tl;dr peace of mind. Going to sell back my sapphire pulse though.