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  1. I plan on adding a large number hard drives to my Silent Base 801 case. This will require me to install all of the five of the internal drive cages for the case. My GPU however, the RTX 2080 Strix is very long and when mounted horizontally will overlap with the drive cages. Fortunately, the Silent Base 801 includes a space to vertically mount a GPU, which is recessed about an inch from the horizontal mounting position. I've test fitted the components and have confirmed that mounting my GPU vertically will give me enough space to install the drive cages. However, I am worried about the weight of the card while vertically mounted. The Silent Base case does not have any stabilization for the underside of the GPU when it is vertically mounted, it is only attached to the back of the case. I need to find some kind of stabilizer that can rest on the top of the case's PSU shroud. As an example, I've found this stabilizer (https://smile.amazon.com/Graphics-vertical-kickstand-speed-extension/dp/B07FD8QXFM/) that appears to just support the card from the bottom. However, am unsure how much the height of the stabilizer can be adjusted and the snowflake that has been embedded into the plastic is objectively ugly. I'm also worried the front feet would end up hanging over the sloped part of the PSU shroud. Here is a picture of the case that shows how the vertical mounting is laid out: https://www.bequiet.com/admin/ImageServer.php?ID=50ae0a18114@be-quiet.net&omitPreview=true&.jpg Any suggestions?
  2. The age old recommend me a monitor thread, please let me complicate it further by looking for two that need to serve completely different purposes. I'm in need of one display for gaming and one to do UX work from home with. I have a flexible budget of $1K. In a gaming display I'm looking for high refresh rate and 1440p. I prefer color accuracy to response times. In a UX display I'm looking for color accuracy, 4k and also to be great to stream and watch Blu-ray on (especially in a dark room). Both monitors should be 27", not be curved, have the same bezel sizes, be vesa mountable (going on the same mount) and IPS with similar levels of brightness. The panel aside, the plainer the monitor looks, the better. Reds/white accent colors or "gamer angles" are not preferred (The stands will be removed when mounting so I don't really care what those look like). I'm also not looking to buy right away, sometime in the next 3-4 months. If there are upcoming monitors that might fit my wants better than what is currently available I want to know about it. Like, thanks
  3. After doing some more digging, I've found that most battery banks with Micro-B input can also be charged by their USB-C port (if they have them). This opens some new questions, namely which battery banks would be compatible with my Nintendo Switch and if possible a generic non gaming mid-level ultrabook that supports USB-C charging.
  4. Thanks for the recc , but I'd still like to see other suggestions (mostly because of how poor the placement of the power leds are ). Anyway, you can't have a competition with just one entrant. I probably should have mentioned this too but I'm hitting the road this weekend so its Prime or nothing.
  5. I haven't exactly found a dedicated section on the forum for battery banks, but in case I missed it Mods please move this topic. I am posting here because I will mostly be using the bank for my phone. Now, on to a purposefully dramatic post: I used to have a 22,000mAh RAVPower battery bank until it's battery swelled up like a balloon and popped open its outer casing like how I do with my jeans. I'm looking for a replacement bank with of a similar size, however, there is one gotcha I am trying to avoid: Micro USB. Seriously, I share a fury for this port like no other and I want to have nothing to do with it on a new bank. It breaks easily, is annoying to connect and I don't want to carry around a separate micro USB cable JUST to charge my bank. However, bank manufactures do not seem to share my hatred of the port (the cowards), choosing instead cheapness over quality and my convenience. Therefore I am looking towards YOU to help me choose my next battery bank. Personally, I couldn't care less if the bank is missing USB-C output as long as it has USB-C, and only USB-C input. If you've got recommendations, post away below. The person to find the winning battery bank will be awarded my official Micro-B haters award of 2019.
  6. I recently received a refurbished black new 3DS XL as a birthday gift. The top faceplate on the DS came somewhat scratched and I was looking online to see if I could find a replacement faceplate online. I would rather replace the faceplate then pay for return shipping to try to get a DS in better condition, plus being a gift complicates returns further. I've looked at various online stores such as ebay and aliexpress but am having trouble finding the faceplate online. Can anyone help me find the elusive replacement faceplate? Thanks.
  7. Or even better, buy at the sale price then take advantage of corporate daddy's generous 30 day return policy if something comes up cheaper from the warehouse.
  8. Do you think Ironwolf/Pro would be a bit overkill for my use case? I only need to generate my data once (However data generation is slow, so the drive needs to be on for extended periods i.e., months) + occasional backups from my boot drive.
  9. A few months ago I started a research project that required me to generate a large amount of data. I picked up a 8TB WD Elements external HDD for the price and my storage needs. However, yesterday it started ticking audible every 5 seconds at idle and when reading files it sounds like its scraping the plate. I've tried updating the firmware (Already latest) and changing the USB cable (Still makes noises even when not plugged into a PC, power adapter is separate from USB) with no success. As far as I'm aware all of my data is still intact, but I'm thinking I'll want another 8TB drive as a backup in case this one fails. I was hoping someone from the community could recommend me a drive for my use situation. I've seen a lot of conflicting reviews for drives like the Seagate Barracuda on Amazon and its making me confused about what I should purchase (e.g., This product is not as described, it was used or the incorrect model). I'm not playing games on this drive or accessing more than small parts of my data at a time. Basically I need a reliable drive that can store a large amount of data, and maybe like not fail within a few months. Of course if it is like $10 more for a non SMR drive I'll take that instead. And certainly cheaper is better, I'd rather have two drives with a greater chance to fail than one expensive drive that could still fail. I'd prefer an internal 3.5" drive at this point, but if you recommend an external one make sure its one I can take it out and use it internally without any hassle. I'm also looking for a HDD docking station with at least two slots for 3.5" drives. It doesn't need to have any built in features like drive cloning, but I'd at least like to get one that uses modern interfaces: i.e., USB-C, ditching the external power adapter if possible. Thanks for any help I get in advance!
  10. The Aorus is the monitor I listed as an example of something that satisfied my needs, its just too expensive to own three of like most 144hzIPS1440p's. As for Acer I just don't respect them as a brand and would rather not look at their name on all my bezels. I guess I'd like to know if something new is coming up the tubes for monitors right now, don't want the same thing to happen like with my 2080 only for it to get SUPERED a few months later.
  11. Great value, but like everything made by acer hideous. I'd have to get a triple vesa mounting stand and 3 gallons of holy water to douse the old one in before finally burning it at the stake. And even that doesn't solve the ugly textured finish on the front bezel. Curvier than my gamer bottom, like everything from MSI. Fan of the RGB lighting but not of the random red plastic in the stand.
  12. The following is a dramatic recreation I have a VG248QE It is 5 years old It was created with ancient TN technology The screen is covered in scratches The taskbar has burnt in The bezels are larger than my d*** It is nasty beyond repair My VG248QE also has two friends on the left and the right, both non-gaming Dell 1080p TN monitors. I must replace these monitors or I will die from retinal cancer However, I am just not satisfied with the current market and I have to be very careful picking out new monitors or my instantly fatal autoimmune OCD syndrome will finish me off before the cancer does. Design requirements Black (No Silver bottom bezel or red only LEDs even if they can be turned off. Looking at you Asus >:c) For the love of God, no curved display. This has made finding a display more difficult by a factor of 1,000,000. I wish MSI just made some non curved monitors, I'd probably buy one of those. Sliiiim bezels No larger than 27", my desk will break RGB lighting is a plus because I am a degenerate Display requirements 144hz+ 1440p+ IPS G-Sync or Nvidia compatible FreeSync An example of a compatible monitor is the Aorus AD27QD, however me and the price are not compatible. Remember, the cheapest possible answer is the best possible answer, and I'm obligated to buy three of these things so every dollar counts. If you think an ultrawide is a better solution, explain to me why. I watch a lot of TV while gaming or working and have a lot of VS Code and Chrome tabs constantly opened everywhere. I'm just not sure how I'd do that on a single yet wide display. I'm also interested in what is upcoming. For example LG just announced the 27GL850-B which looks looked like a viable option. Seriously God, why is the back of that monitor covered in red plastic, WHY does everyone do this. However maybe there are other monitors soon to be released that might not have that one abysmal flaw that stops me from dropping the premium price for a set of three. I'd love to hear your recommendations. Sincerely, Pizza Jailer
  13. I have a leftover 4790k and 32gb DDR3 I want to re-purpose into a tiny home PC. I still need a (small form factor) motherboard and a case with a PSU. I'm looking for recommendations for these parts. This PC would be used for media consumption and coding. I'm willing to buy used motherboards, since every "new" z97 micro/mini ATX motherboards are prohibitively expensive. Not planning on including a GPU Need space for a 3.5" HDD & 2.5" SSD