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  1. That is pretty interesting! I would love so see a build with comparison of using two rads with on res as against to the typical two res for two rads. Anyways, I waited for @EK Luc or @EK_Derick to give an official answer on using EK A240 on one loop and EK GPU Water Block on a different loop, but apparently they haven't. I will be closing this thread. Thanks to everyone who answered and were part of the conversation.
  2. Yup, I find the all copper one the most compatible and doesn't leave any margin of error in terms of mixing metals. Could you please explain this? In which scenarios can dual-loop perform worse as compared to a single loop? My primary purpose of this build would be programming and gaming.
  3. Damn, that's no good! Will have to avoid TT rads either way after looking at those posts. I loved how thick the rads were though!!
  4. Drat! Now I gotta convert euros to dollars. Just kidding! I think I would go with something like this, but use the pe 240 dual rad or a similar 360 rad for GPU, and use a DDC or D5 pump instead of the SPC. But man, that's a lot of research!
  5. I'm surprised at this! I've seen so many builds with ThermalTake radiators & EK Blocks. Edit: I wonder which GPU Block even goes well with TT rads. I've rarely seen any aluminium GPU blocks so far.
  6. Any opinions on using the PHANTEKS water block with the ThermalTake rad? @For Science! @Shiv78 Source / links: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835709091 https://www.overclockers.co.uk/phanteks-glacier-gtx-1080-ti-gigbayte-aorus-gpu-full-water-block-with-rgb-lighting-chrome-wc-01j-pt.html#tech_specs
  7. That is a sweet build! Doesn't this affect in cooling the CPU temps down since you're already pushing in warm water to cool the CPU down? I can easily say I'm not as experienced as you are at water-cooling, and though your loops look great, I don't think I could pull it off.
  8. I can't say I've ever thought of it. I have seen many builds with one loop, going through CPU & GPU block, then through a rad and back to the pump. What would the loop look like if one uses two rads with one pump? Edit: Looks like @For Science! already answered it.
  9. I thought most rads were aluminium, but I see a lot of copper rads too. Would the ThermalTake rads work better with a PHANTEKS GPU block rather than an EKWB block? https://www.overclockers.co.uk/phanteks-glacier-gtx-1080-ti-gigbayte-aorus-gpu-full-water-block-with-rgb-lighting-chrome-wc-01j-pt.html#tech_specs
  10. I'm slightly confused with this; How could one ever use 2 rads with 1 pump?
  11. When you say a full dual loop, does that include one of the loops as EKWB A240, and the other one a separate dual-loop for GPU? I want to stress the point that, I would be against this too, because I prefer not to have different MET grades of metals. But the cost of a separate loop for a CPU (ideally: CPU Block + rads + pump res combo + fittings = ~350) would cost more than the CPU itself (paid ~300 for 7700K).
  12. I'm with you there. But would it really be "mixing" metals if they're on two different loops? I would assume that "mixing" happens when a non-aluminum GPU block is used with the EKWB A240 loop, so water flows through the aluminum block, ionizes, and then goes through the non-aluminium block. In that case, the entire case would have to be of the same metallurgical grade, which it never is!!
  13. Hey folks, I was planning to go with fluid gaming EKWB A240G, but my GPU Aorus 1080 Ti is not yet compatible. So, I was wondering if I could use a EK A240 for my CPU, and go with a different custom loop (preferably EKWB GPU Fullcover Water block) and TT / XSPC rads. I have a ThermalTake Tower 900 case, so a dual loop would go nicer, and was wondering if I could use EKWB A240 on one loop and a separate PETG loop for my GPU, or would it lead to galvanic corrosion by using a non-aluminium block for the second loop? Answers and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Best, Nigh74ury P.S: Adding @EK Luc @EK_Derick for expert opinion.
  14. Actually, I prefer the WD as well. But I can't find any 2TB WD in that price bracket. I was hoping to go dual-water cooled as well, but that might turn out to be expensive to begin with. But yeah, you're right, maybe I should do them both at once. An 1080 Ti SLI would require an average of 750w on normal use, and can consume up to 900w when overclocked. So, I thought it was just safe to go with an 1000w, but it may turn out to be not so useful. I took 30 minutes to compare 4 different range of z270 motherboards, and found almost do significant difference except their aesthetics. @_@