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  1. Hey, I finally did what I had to do for a long time and bought thermal pads for my M.2 SSD while at it I wanted to replace all too. On my old GE72VR 6RF under M.2 there was thermal gum-ish something and my ssd performed fine. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/6347672 So i said maybe this is temp related. Bought 3mm thermal pad for the SSD and bought 1mm and .5mm for vrm and stuff because i was lazy to disassemble and check. I saw the thermal pads under the cooler like this(I have never looked under the cooler so it's not me). And some of the pads stuck onto cooler. Sorry for bad video and me mumbling. My native language isn't English. 3 Types of thermal pads used have same 1mm thickness but are different as you can see in the video. I have also changed the thermal paste with MX-4. After that I tested encoding a video and it reached high 90 degrees -because this is a laptop which is okay- but it boosted to 3.2Ghz on average on all 6 cores which is nice. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/25928753 Also it had done nothing to the actual ssd speed but improved gpu performance because it ran colder and cpu boosted higher 200mhz. Just wanted to share insight not scientific at all but i would have liked to see this so why not share it.
  2. I highly recommend slickdeals website on the laptop category to look for deals https://slickdeals.net/f/13926689-msi-ge-series-ge65-raider-432-15-6-i7-9750h-gtx-1660-ti-16gb-memory-512gb-ssd-gaming-laptop-949-00-ar-fs?src=catpagev2 There are some good deals time to time. I know above laptop is overbudget but 9750H and 1660TI isn't just okay it is an excellent pc with 144hz screen etc Right now i dont have a recommendation on your budget but if you just check deals you could find better specs thats in your budget too. Also userbench percentage performance metric is very single threaded you need to look at multi quad and single on your own rather than what userbench scores it is still a good service just compare it yourself on the details.
  3. I have a laptop. I have sold my pc a while ago because I wasn't home for most of the year and depended on my laptop.
  4. I still have the first microsoft keyboard i had thats still working but it is ps2 so i can not use it some things are build to last
  5. Bought this god knows when razer lycose the media touch controls went crazy so i removed it i want a new one but i dont want to pay much and want to get a good one for lifetime use literally ... This is how it looks notice the backspace while typing Just want to see yours are there other people like me that stick to something for a very long time
  6. Why is that i remember checking out hidevolution but it was too expensive comparing even to eurocom it makes 3350 usd without 4k screen only extra to eurocom is vapor cooling and cpu doesnt have copper block too laptop is bigger which is not great for me i dont know i am already paying a lot
  7. Hello i want to buy a custom laptop My current laptop is msi ge72vr 6rf with samsung 960 pro and two sata ssd that i am going to swap to new one xoticpc and eurocom is kinda only ones that i am in between but any other recomendation is appriciated İ want 8086k and gtx 1080 no ssd no hdd xoticpc np9877 seems huge and expensive but it has unlocked bios np9175 is cheaper and lighter without unlocked bios i want unlocked bios because of throttling some people complain about they are both not delided i have serious doubt about temperatures Xoticpc np9175 makes 2500 usd with 8700k gtx1080 4k screen no ssd no hdd no unlocked bios i doubt the cooling and throttling Eurocom sky x7c makes 3200 dollars with delidded copper ihs 8086k gtx1080 4k screen nossd no hdd cheap wifi card but has unlocked bios and i also selected g sync option for 96 dollars and i absolutely have no idea why is there an extra option is the panel g sync or not should i select it eurocom has 10 percent student discount so it makes about 2880 usd plus 30 buck for decent wifi card 2900 usd if i dont get the g sync option it makes 2800 usd is it worth it should i go lower spec is the copper ihs good investment And should i get 4k screen or 1080p high refresh rate will 1080 handle 4k my current machine has 120hz 1080p with good brightness and colors and i love it but its kind of outdated whats ypur thought about this If you own custom clevo eurocom evoc laptop or similar spec asus msi please comment https://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np9175-clevo-p775tm-g.html?startcustomization=1 http://www.eurocom.com/ec/configure(2,430,0)SkyX7C https://www.notebookcheck.net/Eurocom-Sky-X7E2-Clevo-P775DM3-Notebook-Review.178427.0.html Current laptop for baseline https://www.notebookcheck.com/Test-MSI-GE72VR-6RF-Apache-Pro-Laptop.186933.0.html
  8. on windows 10 build 1709 it shows gpu too update your pc or format using the iso to see it too
  9. artifacts and crash is directly gpu related you wrote you didnt overclock can you test using furmark do you get the same thing?
  10. I have switched to air but if you have warranty send it if you dont i think first thing is to try if the pump works after that is there any bubble in radiator shake it and try if that doesnt help probably you gonna have to add more liquid but it will eventually stop working because it could have corrosion....
  11. disabling nahimic made difference less but still there is but disabling nahimic made sound like somebody is eating carboard
  12. All drivers are okay downloaded from nvidia intel and msi website windows is clean install.
  13. image shows all is this normal because i am getting sound it seems okay but green bars are not equal could you check if you have the same issue or my pc has some problem Thanks. Device MSI GE72VR 6RF W10 1703 15063.674
  14. Update! Luckily it was only the usb 3.0 card that burned and hdd works but corrupted i did a recovery and most my files are saved but the structure is gone still this wasnt a big loss for me i have recovered to my 4tb hdd and 2tb old hdd which i was trying to sell luckily i havent sold them in time
  15. seagate recovery services is super expensine like extremely expensive for me