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  • Birthday October 24

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    Gaming, Nature, PC


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    8GB ddr3 1600mhz
  • GPU
    GTX 780
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    1x 320 5400rpm, 1x 250 7200rpm
  • PSU
    600watt Thermaltake
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    1x Benq 1080p
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    Windows 10
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  1. I7-860

    What cooler for overclocking to 4ghz??

    I do I have to sets of those!
  2. Intel Core i7-4790K goes for 270 dollars on ebay, Is that a good deal or should I go for Ryzen 1700? ( I edit 1080p video and play games in 1080p, If that helps at all) (this is in the future not right now but just curios what to do, Right now I have the i7-860 , so should I overclock that to 4ghz and be good ?
  3. I7-860

    What cooler for overclocking to 4ghz??

    Corsair - Vengeance 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3-1600 Memory Enermax - OSTROG ATX Mid Tower Case and USD
  4. I7-860

    What cooler for overclocking to 4ghz??

    My budget is under 100$
  5. Hey, I need help finding a cooler for overclocking my i7-860 to 4ghz, I don't want to do any over water cooling but closed loops and air cooling is what I would prefer.
  6. Before I built my gaming PC I had gone to my local Fry's electronics and over paid for a Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 PC. It is a ThinkCentre Lenovo m58. And I really would like to Upgrade it to a Core2Quad q6600 and to a 300watt PSU, and then put in a low profile 1050ti for a cheap gaming pc to put in my living room. I am not sure if the Core2quad q6600 is compatible with my Motherboard. I was wondering if someone could help me ( also I don't want any other reccommendations for a different parts unless is compatabile with my system, the point of this one is to as easy as possible and cheap, core2quads are going for less then 10 dollars.) Thank you reading and if you could help leave a reply. Mobo = https://www.ebay.com/itm/IBM-Lenovo-L-IG41N-Motherboard-Intel-G41-LGA-775-Socket-T-DDR2-/282061772738 Case = Lenovo M58 CPU = E6550 RAM = DDR2 2x2GB GPU = G710 ( I just put this in there for a HDMI Port)
  7. I7-860

    Origin Access?

    I got it last night and downloaded Battlefield 1, and I am having a blast
  8. I7-860

    Origin Access?

    comes with the second one also! in January I am going to do that, so it does it each January!
  9. I7-860


    It was built in the 70's
  10. I7-860


    I am tired of my 768kb download speeds sometimes it hits 1mb. I currently use a Netgear wifi stick, Is there any way to do lan without a direct connection to my router, or any good wifi pci options.
  11. I7-860

    Origin Access?

    Ya true, I think it being only5 bucks a month its a good deal, since right now I can't buy battlefield 1 I think I will do that, I am doing the 10 hour trial just so see of my rig preforms in bf1, If it's good then I will do that!!
  12. I7-860

    Origin Access?

    Do you guys think origin access for 4.99$ USD is a good deal? It has battlefield 1, Titan Fall 2, and Battlefront 1 on it.
  13. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pYGXxY I know its so unnecessary and completely over the top build, But if I was rich and would, well, I would. I would never need this much power, Also 4 titans is just, Idek
  14. I7-860

    Happy Skyrim day! TES Skyrim turns 6 today!

    I never played skyrim till 2015 when my friend let me borrow is xbox 360 disc, I Just re-bought it for PC a few weeks ago!
  15. I7-860

    Happy Skyrim day! TES Skyrim turns 6 today!

    It's going to be a good week!