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  1. 88pockets

    Computer won’t start.

    def a lame situation, my brother in law just got an 8700k, so its still a super relevant CPU. I would do whats necessary to verify the life of the CPU and then make a game plan from there. But 3rd gen Ryzen is def tempting, if it comes to returning the board and buying a whole new platform.
  2. 88pockets

    Computer won’t start.

    Ya that could be, it sounds like there def isnt any salvaging of the old board. Do you have a frys or microcenter near you? You could buy an openbox celeron or pentium for LGA 1151 (300 Series boards) and test the new board with a known good CPU. If it's the CPU, I would suggest returning the 300 series board to Amazon and buying into another generation of Intel, go a little older for better pricing or newer for greating flexabilty. 8th gen seems to be fairly constricted in upgrades and Intel jumped to 9th gen quickly to keep up with AMD. Try to tesr the new board to verify the 8700k is dead, also check your warranty on that, you didn't de-lid it or anything, right?
  3. 88pockets

    Computer won’t start.

    I wonder if the board you flashed with an iffy BIOS can still be salvaged. It's worth a bit of googling. I take it that you have some 8th gen intel chip
  4. 88pockets

    Computer won’t start.

    i doubt this would be the problem... but an overheating CPU will cause the machine to shutdown (usually in about 10 seconds tho and not 1 sec). You could reset the bios (remove the CMOS battery and put it back in and re-seat the RAM. CPU could be bad, but I kinda don't think so. send an update once you replace the PSU
  5. 88pockets

    Computer won’t start.

    Could be a bad power supply unit. Check that first. and then do as you have been isolating components to troubleshoot
  6. 88pockets

    What should I choose for my build

    2700 AUD, needs a 2700X and Two 2070s. You know because 2700. Honestly I would wait for the 3000 series chips before making the plunge
  7. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! I am curious what your favorite Containers are. I have been digging into the Community Applications program quite a bit lately and installing new containers to try out. The main ones I use are Plex. Emby, Sonarr, Lidarr (Havent set up yet), TVHeadEnd, LetsEncrypt (Reverse Proxy), Deluge, Jackett, and NextCloud. I would use OpenVPN Server, but I have that setup in pfSense. My unRaid box is 13TB with 4TB for Parity, Dual X5680s and 24GB of ECC DDR3. Do you have any suggestions? Or please just share your setup details - Software and Hardware. Thanks
  8. 88pockets

    Does using more usb 3 affect WiFi?

    It sounds like a power issue really, but one that makes little sense. Open the device manager and plug in USB items with that open, so you can see if it gets disabled or removed (i.e. disappears) or what happens. Right Click the Start Button >> Click on Device Manager In Device Manager >> Click the arrow next to "Network adapters" In the list you should see something with Archer.... as its device name
  9. 88pockets

    Does using more usb 3 affect WiFi?

    What happens when you plug in other USB devices into the same USB Port?
  10. 88pockets

    Free VPN?

    Netflix blocks a lot of IPs that VPN would subscribe to you, if anything buy a month of one for 5 bucks, or look for chrome extensions, no guarantee the VPN's IP addresses wont already be blocked.
  11. 88pockets

    Need a Friend to Play "A Way Out" with

    my name on origin is the same as here add me as a friend and lets play. whose down?
  12. 88pockets

    Need a Friend to Play "A Way Out" with

    kk ill add you when i get home, what time zone you in? im in Los Angeles and usually game at night
  13. 88pockets

    Need a Friend to Play "A Way Out" with

    Add me on origin, same sn as on here