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  1. I think it was in the "old designed" McDonalds where we had this
  2. Dafuq in switzerland that shiat is already in some rare places But i dont mind it. Id rather watch some ads than i have to pay to go to the toilet
  3. easiest way to install h100i v2?

    Yes aaaand no. Screwing it in yes but because of the stiff tubes everything fell apart several times.
  4. easiest way to install h100i v2?

    hello again I sandwiched the fans between the radiator and the "holder" for it. I started from the bottom left, then screwed the top right screw from the lower fan so that the upper fan has something to rest on. After that i screwed the remaining screws in. I hope you understand how i mean it
  5. how to fit h100i v2 into s340 elite?

    Yep, the tubes are really stiff, but as long as you dont kink them they whould be fine.
  6. Recommend a PSU for my build?

    BeQuiet has a handy tool to help you find the correct psu. You dont need a BeQuiet one, but it will give you a recommendation for a certain Wattage: https://www.bequiet.com/en/psucalculator
  7. how to fit h100i v2 into s340 elite?

    I have edited the post with a picture, you might have to reload this page to see it
  8. how to fit h100i v2 into s340 elite?

    Turn the cooler around so that the tubes exit is towards the front of the case. The tubes will kiss your side window a bit, but thats normal i guess Edit: Thats how mine looks:
  9. DDR3L in a MacBook?

    Thanks to everyone for the help, i ordered these now: https://www.digitec.ch/de/s1/product/corsair-mac-memory-cmsa16gx3m2a1333c9-2x-8gb-ddr3-ram-unbuffered-modellspezifischer-arbeitsspeicher-286981 Have a great day (or evening, depending on where you life)
  10. Had the same problem just a few days ago, i had to start it with my normal windows install, then i had to format the drive first, then shut down the PC and disconnect the "old" drive so that only the m.2 was connected and it showed up in the windows installation process
  11. DDR3L in a MacBook?

    lol didnt know crucial has such a handy tool, thanks!
  12. Hey there Im currently upgrading a MacBook Pro Early 2011. On http://www.digitec.ch they have this Mac Ram: https://www.digitec.ch/de/s1/product/corsair-mac-memory-cmsa8gx3m1a1600c11-1x-8gb-ddr3l-ram-unbuffered-modellspezifischer-arbeitsspeicher-374057 The thing that confuses me is that it is "DDR3L" ram, and not "DDR3" Ram. On google they say that this RAM works at a lower voltage than normal DDR3 RAM. So my question is if A: it is compatible with the Early 2011 15" MacBook Pro and B: Can i use it in combination with one if the preinstalled 2GB RAM (So that i have 10GB in total). (And yes i know that if i combine a 1600 with a 1333 the faster one will only run at 1333, but the main question is if it even works in combo) Thanks for your answer!
  13. Cant merge 2 partitions

    It was a windows drive
  14. Cant merge 2 partitions

    Hey there Im trying to merge those two Partitions: But when i right-click on the "SSD (D:)" Partition, and click on merge, it says that on at least one is too less storage. What can i do about that? Thanks!
  15. New SSD doesnt get recognized

    Got it working and installed macOS on it now, thanks! Nah i got it working, thanks for trying to help anyhow, appreciate it