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  1. Hmm ok i did not know that. Its a Technicolor, Model TC7230. When i connect to this is what i see:
  2. Hooked up to the router from our ISP. Its a tecnicolor i think. No because i dont know the login credentials of it and the web control from our ISP is just garbage. If there is any other way that i am unaware of please tell me Yes I did and they were in fact overlapping. I changed it now, seems to work so far. I will keep you updated!
  3. Hey I have 2 Ubiquiti APs set up. One is a AP AC Lite, the other one a AP AC Pro. They both send the same Network SSID, one is our WiFi, the other one a Guest WiFi. It works perfect when it does, switches automatically from one AP to the other when walking from one side of our House to the other. However, i have noticed a problem where on both my Galaxy S10+ and Note 10+, it just disconnects from the WiFi and then does not let me reconnect for a while. And when it does, it only lets me reconnect after i click "forget network", then reconnect with the password. Then it works for sometimes a few seconds, sometimes up to 1h. The feature where it automatically connects to 4G when WiFi gets unstable is set to off, so that should not be it. Did anyone experience this? Channels are set to Auto, maybe there is the problem? Hopefully you can help me out, i would really love to get this up and running reliably. Thanks!
  4. Hey Currently trying to get the Philips Hue Control working from my Streamdeck. Whenever i try to connect to it it can find the bridge, but then where i have to press the button on the bridge to confirm i want to connect to it it does not detect that. Did not work on any App so far on my PC, however it works on any other device on my Network (Phone, Tablet etc.). I am assuming it has something to do with my network settings. But what? This is what i have currently set
  5. Here is my internet speed: I dont mean that with getting what i pay for, i mean drossling it to 10mbyte/s. it goes down completly. It does not just starve other programms, since in that case it would keep downloading at full Speed, but it just stops too. Here is what it looks like when i tried downloading Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Its really weird.
  6. But why would it only crash with steam? That wouldnt make any sense?
  7. Hey Since a while i have a Problem that when i download a Steam game the Internet of my whole House goes down for a few Minutes. Sometimes it happens immediatly, sometimes i can download like 20GB+ before it goes down. It comes back after a while of pausing the Download and just waiting or rebooting the Router. We do have a 250 mb/s down, 50 mb/s up connection so that should not be the Problem. Steam download speed is about 20-30mb/s. This happens just in Steam, on Origin, Epic, Battle.net etc. i can download as fast and as much as i want and it works fine. Also if i cap the Download speed at 10MB/S it also works, but thats not what i bought a fast internet connection for. Any idea why that is? How can i fix this?
  8. Drivers all up to date No, happens everywhere where videos are played (Netflix being the absolute worst, sometimes it is unwatchable even with just one video playing, might be the DRM Protection). Does not matter if i have one in Brave and another video in Firefox. Tried with Chrome, Brave, Edge, Firefox. Nothing helps.
  9. Hey. So my problem is kinda weird. If i have two videos open at the same time (one on Screen 1 and one on Screen 2) it starts stuttering most of the time. If you are asking why, i usually have plug.dj open all the time which just plays a YouTube music Video. When i want to watch a Stream or another video, ill usually just mute it and watch the Video. After a while it will start to stutter and eventually stop playing. Once i pause it an play again it will work for like 2-3 seconds then stop again. Why is this? Any idea how to fix? It absolutely is not my Hardware. (i7 9700k & 2080Ti). I think it should be able to handle two videos playing simultaneously. Disabling hardware accelaration didnt help. Thanks!
  10. true lol, but still. If you can get more juice for free, i want to get that free juice. Gonna look if i can find anything on google, thanks for your tip
  11. Hey I while ago i bought a RTX 2080ti with an i7 9700k. I used it for a while and i decided to overclock it now. I then noticed that my PSU was too weak (Had 600W, recommendet was min. 650). Today i got a new one (750W) and i installed it. When i tried to use the OC Scanner in the MSI Afterburner, it always says that the major limitar is Voltage and Power. I have set the sliders all the way to the right for Power Limit, Temp. limit and Core Voltage %. Why is this happening? I also cant really get any stable overclock. Pretty much everyone can get over 2000mhz with even a stock card. My GPU: https://www.digitec.ch/de/s1/product/msi-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-gaming-x-trio-11gb-high-end-grafikkarte-9424299 My CPU: https://www.brack.ch/intel-cpu-core-i7-9700k-3-6-ghz-833434 My Mainboard: https://www.digitec.ch/de/s1/product/asus-rog-strix-z390-f-gaming-lga-1151-intel-z390-atx-mainboard-9853832 My PSU: https://www.digitec.ch/de/s1/product/seasonic-focus-plus-gold-750w-pc-netzteil-6392505 The CPU is not overclocked, RAM neither. The GPU is connected with the cables from the PSU, not any extensions. I have connected a separate cable from the PSU to the GPU for each power connector. Temparature is not a problem, case has good airflow. Temps never go over 76 degrees, even under heavy load for a long time. Thanks for your help. Sorry for any misspelling, english is not my native language :S