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  1. Android on Raspberry Pi

    Yep. I now used Emteria and it worked
  2. Android on Raspberry Pi

    I already have Philips Hue & myStrom Devices. But i ant a convenient way to control them so a raspberry pi running android and a touch screen would be perfect
  3. Android on Raspberry Pi

    I want to do kind of a SmartHome Control. The easyest way is to do that with the IFTTT Do Button Widgets on an Adnroid (At least for tha Devices i have)
  4. Android on Raspberry Pi

    Hello I want to make a project with a Raspberry Pi 3 and the official 7" Touchscreen. But after long searching for it, i either had a Version that had the right Screen Size or that had a working touchscreen. Does anybody know an Android Version that has both of it? Id be so thankful!
  5. Video Stops when Fullscreen

    yeah i tried without it but the problem still exists
  6. Video Stops when Fullscreen

    Hello My problem ist that sometimes if i play a Youtube or Twitch Video / Stream and i click on the full screen icon it goes in to fullscreen. Then it play for like 3 Seconds and then it stops. I cant click play or anything, i have to spam esc until it goes back to "normal" and try again until it works in fullscreen. Browser: Chrome Newest Version OS: Windows 10 Any idea what the problem could be? Thanks!
  7. Looking for 2 decent fans to get better Airflow

    no you would add it on the other side like this:
  8. Will my psu work with a gtx 1050 ti?

    it should work fine. To proof it id double check with the bequiet psu calcucator https://www.bequiet.com/en/psucalculator
  9. Microphone barely picks up sound

    idk how a readragon headset looks but some headsets have a twistable Microphone. Try to twist it and test if it hears you better frome any other position
  10. Looking for 2 decent fans to get better Airflow

    i think he meant a push-pull. As i understood him he has the fan between the case and the radiator and now wants to add a second one on the radiator itself. Correct me if im wrong I can recomment the Noctua fans as well, i have 3 of them in my system and they are pretty silent.
  11. 'Fake' Razer DeathAdder

    Thats weird. Especially that it worked with Razer Synapse
  12. DDR4 Ram 16GB

    Ram Prices are flying to space right now. Propably the best option is eiter to buy used, or to get 8gb now and as soon as RAM prices go down to get the other 8gb or to save till you can afford another 8gb.
  13. Fans Not Functioning.

    I have no idea how Riing fans work but most RGB Fans need a hub that has to be plugged in to a USB internal header as well as either a molex oder sata connector. Also in my case (nzxt aer) i had to run two cables. One in to the fan headers on the mobo and one in to the hue+ hub.
  14. Hello Is there a way to play the Audio from an Apple TV thorough a Chromecast Audio? Thanks!
  15. Fans wont slow down

    He installed the Software. So far it works. If not ill text you again ;D Thanks!