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  1. By the way it’s about 40% better than it looks. It’s worse in the picture.
  2. Should I return it anyways and get a new one? Do you know how long the warranty for these are?
  3. Ok thanks! This is what I'll do: Headphones AT2020 xlr 2i2/solo Amp if needed If the mic picks up the sound from the open back headphones I'll return the AT2020 and get the AT2005.
  4. I have two choices and btw I'll be doing gaming videos so I don't want a shotgun mic. Also I won't only get one pair of headphones I'll get multiple for different things like for music, competitive gaming, immersive gaming, etc. That also means some will be harder to drive and need a normal amp. 1. -Headphones -AT2020 xlr -Focusrite 2i2 or solo -Headphone amp 2. -Headphones -AT2020 USB/USB+ -Headphone amp So if I get a headphone amp I can't plug the headphones into the audio interface right? Is there a downside to that? Also I have a mostly white setup so is it a good idea to paint the audio interface since it's red?
  5. The only thing that's loud for me is the train that goes by on occasion. I will eventually get a higher quality microphone and headphones when I need to. So should I get something else? Also if I get the dt990s they will be harder to drive than the x2s. Gen 2 (I'm 99% sure) is just aesthetic updates. What would you do if you were me?
  6. (In advance I'm sorry if these are stupid questions I'm new to this stuff) I am planning on buying DT 990s or Fidelio x2s with an AT2020 xlr microphone. Since I'm buying the AT2020 I will need an audio interface or mixer. I was looking at the focusrite solo gen 2. Should I get that or a mixer? I will be using the mic for gaming and making YouTube videos. Should I plug my 990s/x2s into the interface or use my onboard sound? (I have good onboard sound) Some people say that headphones distort when you turn up the volume to a certain point on the interface with headphones plugged in. So if I don't plug my headphones into the interface I won't hear myself and know if I'm too loud? Also since I'll be using open back headphones will the microphone pick up the sound leakage? Thanks for replying in advance!
  7. Doesn't the non USB version have better sound quality anyways? What about my other questions?
  8. Should I get the AT2020 USB, USB+ or XLR? Which is better and why? If I was to get the xlr version what audio interface should I get? I will be using the mic for gaming and making YouTube videos. Also if I get the dt990s or fidelio x2s will the mic pick up the sound since there open back headphones?
  9. Ok I will I was just asking for some opinions. I know I might not like the same thing as everyone else but I wanted to know what you like.
  10. I could also get dt990s or x2s for gaming and v moda m-100s for music since I listen to hip hop and rap. Should I do that or get different headphones?
  11. Ok because I saw other people say before that it's a bad headphone for hip hop and rap. Also what about gaming out of the two headphones? Or even the 650 if it's good for gaming. Which is more "fun" to play games with?
  12. Also is the Hd650 good for hip hop and rap music? If not what headphone is?