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  1. So you are still using things you plugged into the mac?
  2. Yes that's exactly what it is. Has it caused you any harm to devices or damaged any thing.
  3. Before I sold my macbook pro 2010, when charging with a UK power block it gave me a a tingle sort of buzzing feeling when running my fingers across the aluminium chassis. This did not happen whilst running off the battery alone. My partner could feel it if he ran his arm across my skin. Despite the power being earthed in plug it still done so. I used several USB and my graphics tablet plugged into it. I would like to know if that sort of electrocution feeling could damage my peripherals, and when I had not used them for 2 weeks as I waited for my new tower-could plugging the things I had used in the macbook damage my new Pc. They work fine in spare laptop, just worried about our new high end one. Also say once I plugged peripherals from macbook into new Pc, then brought a new USB or plugged partners capture card in. Would that get damaged. Regards Alexis