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  1. I was able to go to windows and etc and when i started downloading games i started to noticed that i’m lacking storage when i checked only the ssd was shown i tried to fix it using linus tips but i guess it was an old video. It kept on saying
  2. Do i have to put thermal paste on a stock cooler if i’m gonna put it on another motherboard? Coz i bought a new motherboard from msi and this is my first gaming rig didn’t work as i expected. Everything was lit but keyboard and mouse are not working besides that no cignal on the monitor so i had to issue an exchange. And i can’t reach the bios smh.
  3. Keyboard and mouse are not even turning on or they are not functional
  4. 55098567338__C3AFE204-2677-479A-9250-E842D09CE875.MOV
  5. Only 1 and yes i’m pretty sure it’s plugged in
  6. It didnt even went to bios it just says display port on the top left of the monitor (completely no experience in building a computer it did lit)
  7. Mobo: b360m pro- vdh gpu msi gtx 970 cpu i5 8400 ram : 2x8 viper 2400 samsung 144hz curved monitor
  8. I put everything displayport monitor to pc and the windows 10 on a usb inserted on my pc but nothings shows on the monitor but “check signal”
  9. Hi so i’m confused about the ram slots. I have 4 so 1 2 3 4 can i put my 2 ram stick on ram slots number 1 and 3 or 2 and 4? Can i choose either of those?
  10. Hi! I was wondering if you can suggest me a cheap gaming headset that is reasonable for the price! Thanks