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  1. Wouldn't the make up brush cause static? also the hoovering i've heard isn't good either cos sucking up the dust in your PC can also cause static.
  2. So, the title says it all... what is the best way to clean your PC, Interior and exterior. Should you use compressed air? Some say an electric leaf blower works well on low settings but what if you don't have one? Can you use a hair dryer on cool setting? What are your opinions? People say compressed air can leave moisture which isn't good on components so not too sure. Any ideas and input anyone?
  3. All i have is the one provided by my ISP and it really is slow.
  4. Hi guys i am planning to buy a new modem and router but i was just wondering if i needed to get an expensive modem or not so that it doesn't bottleneck the router. I can only find modem router combos in Australia so i will be planning to use bridge mode. My internet is ADSL2+ which isn't that great but will upgrade soon. Any help would be nice thank you.
  5. I am using Corsair Link to monitor and that is the oc details nothing special. The voltage goes to 1.4v frequency set at 3750mhz
  6. Hey guys, recently my cpu temps have been spiking up and down in idle mod or when i'm just on google chrome etc. Goes from 36c to sometimes almost 50c which is weird. The voltage also goes to 1.41v or 1.40v. Is everything okay or should i be worried? I am running the frequency at 3.75mhz and load is usually around 5-8% in these situations.
  7. It was for the driver but i will see how it goes and if it comes back I will try wat you have suggested. I also found a file in my D drive called 'end' 1kb in size and when opened with note pad it just shows {} I scanned it with malwarebytes and avira both said there's no threats so I'm not sure if I should delete this blank file? It doesn't show zip or anything.
  8. I just did a clean installation and restarted my PC. When i got on the message was still there but when i clicked clear it went away and now haven't seen it yet unlike before where it would reappear even when i click it to go away. So maybe its fixed?
  9. I have been getting this even though i have restarted my PC and updated to the latest driver. Is something wrong with my GPU and should i be worried? Could it be windows update cos i updated windows before i notice the messages. Windows update was called creator or version 1709?
  10. I have recently bought a custom built PC a few weeks ago with an MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X GPU, Ryzen 5 1600X CPU, Asus Strix B350-F MBO, Antec 620 Current Gamer PSU and an AIO cooling system with 5 fans including the radiator fans. My system isn't exactly a low end system especially since i'm also using one of Asus 3D 144hz monitor. My question is, even though i am NOT OCing in anyway, all i am using is MSI gaming App and selecting the already given option of Gaming Mode, when playing games such as Warframe and League of Legends, I am not getting as high of an FPS as i thought i might be getting. With Warframe, I have noticed my FPS have been dropping as low as 50 at maxed settings in somewhat busy maps with other players, but getting as low as 60 FPS with just myself playing and maybe 2 others seems a bit off, especially when i haven't been getting it this low before when i played with 2 other people on the maps. I am not sure if it is because of the game or what, but my FPS fluctuates from 144fps to 50-60fps in these situations. For league i am also only getting around 110-120fps which is really strange considering i set no fps limit and also i am getting fps lower than my friend who has a lower system GPU than i am. I know high fps in league is unnecessary but i thought i would be getting a lot higher even so. I am not too sure if this is normal or something is wrong, I have the latest drivers for my GPU and CPU and if this helps, in these situations with Warframe and League, my GPU usage is only around 35-60%. I see people getting a lot higher FPS with my GPU as well so please help. My GPU and CPU temps are pretty decent with CPU being around 35-48C and GPU being around 55-65C when i am playing games. These temps are also when my fans arent fully used, only being set up as quiet mode on corsair link. This, as well as living in Australia can be pretty hot so i believe my temps are pretty decent with no aircon etc. Is anything bottle necking anything or what is wrong? Please help.
  11. No my gpu is usually not at 100% when playing games such as warframe with DirectX11 I'm not too sure about CPU but usually isnt that high either For refresh rate i am running 144hz asus 3d monitor at 1080p Its weird though because for league of legends i'm only getting 120ish fps without fps limit. while my friend is getting 250-300 fps and he has a lower gpu than me. I know you don't need high fps for league but still. For warframe i drop sometimes to 40fps if it gets really busy. I am not overclocking or anything just using MSI gaming app and choosing gaming mode.
  12. Hi, I have a MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X GPU and a Ryzen 5 1600X CPU Is my CPU bottlenecking my GPU? Also i have 16GB ram 3200mhz
  13. Which one is that? cos my GPU is on the latest driver 388.13