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    i7 9700k oc'd to 5.1
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    ASRock Z390 taichi
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    Corsair vengeance RGB pro 3200mhz oc’d to 3600mhz
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    Asus Strix GTX 1080 oc 8gb gaming edition.
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    Enthoo pro M tempered glass
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    Samsung 970 Evo, Kingston SSD and 2TB Hard drive
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    Corsair 760w ax760
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    Oculus Rift
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    Fractal Design Celcius S36
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    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. Since you don't already own an activated copy of windows, it doesn't matter. Just download windows 10 to a USB thumbdrive with the windows media creation tool and install windows 10 fresh. It's inadvisable to change motherboards and keep the same windows install. In order to keep your save games from your old system, backup these folders somewhere: .In c:\users\<yourname>\appdata (hidden folder) backup local, locallow, and roaming. .Backup everything that's not hidden in C:\users\<yourname> as well including the documents folder. Then when after you install windows to the new system, go through everything in local, locallow, and roaming and make sure you only copy over game save folders as there's stuff in appdata that you wouldn't want to copy to a new system. You're going to want to copy anything like "my games", "my saved games", "saved games", "rockstar", etc from your C:\users\<yourname>" and from Documents to your new system as well. That'll cover most save games, but some games save either to the registry or to the individual game folders so there's a chance that you'll still lose something.
  2. Maybe try wiping out your old GPU driver with DDU and then downloading and installing the graphics card driver from scratch again. How to use DDU: https://windowsreport.com/display-driver-uninstaller-windows-10/ The last time I had lines across a screen (purple lines) it was because the display was dying for me though so that could be it.
  3. Try resetting everything in your bios to the defaults by clearing the CMOS. If there's no clear CMOS button or jumper on your motherboard, just shut down completely, remove the little watch battery from the motherboard, wait a minute or two, then resinsert it. If that doesn't work CAREFULLY update your bios for the motherboard. Make damn sure that it's the right bios for the right motherboard (some mobos have revision numbers on top of their part numbers for example). Don't make any mistakes with this and don't do it at a time that you think you could lose power because it can brick your motherboard completely.
  4. ntoskrnl.exe is related to your Nvidia graphics card driver. You're going to want to use DDU to wipe out the old driver completely and then reinstall the newest driver from the Nvidia site for it. https://windowsreport.com/display-driver-uninstaller-windows-10/
  5. Double, triple check that you're installing the correct drivers even the Nvidia one even though the installer would usually stop you from installing the wrong one. Even open up the system and confirm that it's the graphics card you think it is. Never know. Anyways, try to find more information on the specific blue screen. Try checking the reliability history (Hit start key, type reliability history), look for the time when the BSOD last occurred, expand any red or yellow warnings, and there may be more information there on the error. If not, check event viewer for the error. It may tell you what .exe or .dll file the error is related to. You can then google that to find out what it is.
  6. It could be a bad hard drive like minibois said or windows could just be borked and you need to reinstall it. Try logging in with safe mode to see if it's a hardware issue or if something is just wrong with windows. If it starts fine into windows in safe mode, then it's most likely just something that got corrupted not a bad hard drive. If you can't get in windows far enough to get to safe mode the usual way, there are some other ways to get to safe mode listed here: https://www.digitalcitizen.life/4-ways-boot-safe-mode-windows-10
  7. Here's a link to a guide on how to get a GTA V mod working in VR without that awful warped screen effect the old mods had: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1120340-how-to-run-gta-v-in-vr-finally-worth-playing/ **IMPORTANT: I had to start voice attack AFTER I started GTA V or close and reopen it for all of the commands to work properly for some reason. Commands: .Say "Left" for left turns. .Say "Right" for right turns. .Say "Turn around" for a 180 degree turn. .Say "Third person snap turning" for it to work in 3rd person view. .Say "First person snap turning" to set it to 1st person mode. .All of the cheats are programmed in as voice commands as well. Even a "Clear wanted level" macro command that enters the lower wanted level cheat 5 times in a row and a "Long-term invincibility" command that automatically keeps entering the invincibility code every 5 minutes. "Turn off long term invincibility" to stop it. See the command list in voice attack for everything else. One more thing, you can change the degree angle of the snap turning if you want. It's 90 degrees right now. You just need to edit both the "Snap left" and "Snap right" commands in the profile. In the edit command window for both of them you just need to halve all of the numbers for the Move Mouse commands. GTA V snap turning.7z
  8. There is finally a GTA mod that's worth playing where the screen isn't warped looking because of vorpx. I also figured out how to increase the resolution (the tray tool doesn't work). EDIT: Most of the steps in this guide are no longer relevant since the last update to the mod. Just follow the steps Luke Ross gives in the link below. I'll leave my steps up just to keep the information up about how to mess around with the settings file. Might be useful to someone. Mod download link: https://github.com/LukeRoss00/gta5-real-mod Here are the steps I used to get it running smoothly and to increase the resolution a bit: Step 1: Start game, go to settings. Step 2: Under gamepad tab, change Targeting Mode to free aim. Step 3: Under Camera, set the Independent Camera Mode to OFF. Step 4: Under Camera, set First Person Vehicle Hood to OFF. Step 4: Under Camera, set First Person Third Person Cover to ON. Step 5: Save settings and shut down game. Step 6: Copy contents of zip file to GTA V steam folder. Step 7: Go to Documents, Rockstar Games, GTA V and make a backup of settings.xml Step 8: Copy the settings.xml file from D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\Settings\High to the GTA V folder in Documents and overwrite the file. Step 9: Open the settings file with Notepad, find the line that controls the refresh rate and set it to 90. Step 11: Save the file and open the game again. Step 12: Go to the in-game settings, change Vsync to off then save & exit the game again. Step 13: Open your Nvidia Control Panel, go to Manage 3d Settings, click on the drop down menu next to DSR and check all of the boxes. Leave the DSR smoothness at 33%. Step 14: In the settings file, set the resolution to 2560 x 1440 Step 15: Save the file and open the game again. Load the story mode and make sure that the frame rate is 90 fps with the Oculus Tray Tool. *You can increase the pixel density a little more by first unticking read only in the settings file again with the game open, going into the advanced settings in the game, and increasing the frame scaling mode. Set the file to read only again when you're done and make sure that the refresh rate didn't get set back to 60 again. If the game crashes whenever you open your desktop: .Go to documents\rockstar games\gta v .Right click the settings file, untick read only if you need to and click apply. .Open the file in notepad, change windowed value to 1. .Change PauseOnFocusLoss value to 0. .Save the file. .Right click it and change it to read only again. (You might also need to make sure your resolution setting in windows is bigger than the resolution the game is running at.) And that's it. I've been playing this all weekend and I hated all of the GTA V mods that came before this. It's finally playable so if you've tried older mods, don't dismiss this one.
  9. Update: I've been looking into ways to do this all day now and I tried setting the DPI settings for the program to scale it higher from windows by: .Right clicking the shortcut for Vmware Wworkstation 15 Player. .Going to properties. .Selecting the compatibility tab. .Clicking on "Change high DPI settings". .Checking the box under "High DPI scaling override" .Changing the selection under the drop down box below from Application to System. This makes the Guest operating system match the scaling setting under your display settings in windows in the host operating system, but now the mouse won't work. The mouse doesn't show up on the screen at all in windows 95. In my windows 98 VM, you can see the mouse, but where you're clicking/pointing doesn't line up with where the mouse is really at. So that doesn't work. Is there a setting I'm missing or is one of the other VMware programs better for this like Fusion for example?
  10. Hi, I use VMware player to run old operating systems to play old games sometimes and I always have to set my host operating system's resolution to something stupid like 800x600 in order to play anything since the default screen is so small, but this doesn't work if I want to watch videos or something in another window at the same time. Is there a way to stretch the guest window to 2x or 3x without changing the host operating system's resolution? I saw some stuff online about how you can do this, but it seems to only apply to VMware workstation pro which is like $250 and wouldn't be worth buying just for this.
  11. It's been a long while since I had this issue so I can't remember what I did to solve it, sorry, but yea I eventually figured it out. I think I just reinstalled windows a few times until the problem went away. I can't say for sure though.
  12. I've heard nothing but bad things about that wireless adapter for VR headsets so I really don't see that as a viable option yet. Either way, I just think it'd be fun if someone tried this. It doesn't have to make more sense than another thing. It's just an interesting thing to test out.
  13. It just occurred to me that the backpack PC setup people wanted to do a few years ago when the headsets had external sensors is now possible with the new headsets like the Rift S that have inside out tracking. I hope someone does a video on that now. I think that'd be fun to watch.
  14. I concur that it's a bad cooler. The pump may still be vibrating, but it's probably failing. If it's still under warranty, RMA it.