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  1. the camera wont allow me to get past the message
  2. The camera picks it up. The Pc has a light on memory card reader. Which is there normally when a card is inserted
  3. My memory card reader just has a light.
  4. It now says Unable to read memory card Reinsert memory card.
  5. Hi all, I have a 32 Gb Integral SD card. I purchased it in 2013. Long story short: Was backing up my photos on morning and put the SD card in the computer and then nothing showed up. Things I have done: Used 3 other different SD card Readers. List disks with DiskPart. Checked Disk Management. Still after those three painstaking no luck!! Some help would be greatly appreciated. Or am dead with my other half.
  6. its a shame its like that. that no company can make free software without watermarks.
  7. capture card eh? ill give that a try. EDIT: looked online and there some going for £100. Its too much!!! There must be some alternative.
  8. Hope all is well my good friend Linus!!