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  1. yeah eh, the chick is out. the chance is high this will be an illegal act, but not 100% So for what you want i think it isn't possible too run a wget on a non rooted nas, but with torrent it could work, many nas systems can work with torrent files. used this a couple times if i had too get or put large files like backups on my server. But the possibility is high you won't download movies you own, or have the rights too do so. Means it is against the forum rules too help you, think you fked up way more in your 2. post.
  2. you mean a nas running a webserver? I think every NAS brand has a webserver plugin / addon / settings option too access files over port 80 (http) / 443 (https). Just keep in mind if you run a NAS in your home and you download files in a place off the speed is (in most cases) limited by your home uplink speed, in case you have an asymmetric connection (e.g. ADSL1/2) it is rather slow. This is what i think you mean Home PC upload too NAS via windows network drive/folder (think it is SMB / CIFS) go too your friends/family's house and download the nice holiday pics with a browser from your nas witch is running a DynDNS in case you got a non static IP in your home would work with a Webserver and DynDNS running on your NAS, but is limited too you home uplink speed. If you mean download it in your LAN there is no up/down limitation (except the network cards) and you only need the Webserver. So you can type in http(s)://192.168.X.X/webserver and get a nice overview of the files, if you want something like http(s)://MyNasSystem/webserver it would be a little complicated and you should ask with details like what nas you are running, switches and routers in your network, maybe a little server.
  3. Need help finding a wireless headset

    can confirm, G930 is a good choice, used the predecessor and got the new version after it died. Using it ~1y and still healthy, it's no Sennheiser but sounds are good enough for me, mic is ok but got some complains in ts and bn. Range is really good, 2-3 concrete walls (without steel) no problem, ~15m Battery is truly great! Watch some vids about it PS: Buy some extra ear pads, included pads were crap sh*t (at least for me and my ears)
  4. backplane with controller

    this was my first thought, but got interested "if" there is such a thing and without the SPOF concept i see there no reason why there wouldn't.
  5. Hi there, I'm thinking about building my own little storage server. and here comes the problem, i want it as small as possible so i would like too connect the Backplane directly too a pci(e) slot. Yeah SATA/SAS (RAID) Controllers are nice, but they take space. Are there Backplanes with a build in controller out there and what would be the name of such a combo?
  6. trust me with a 500-750 budget with periphery i don't expect anything great. but 10% off overall could be an ~200gb boot SSD it more about, ssd now 80 ssd 3 weeks befor cyber mondey 110 ssd on cyber mondey 90 would show as 30 bucks discount and i lost (well my friend) 10 bucks and shop sales are not really n option, it will be one big box, a screwdriver and some time.
  7. for everything, or will e.g. ram rise in prices because higher demand?
  8. Hi, I'm building a PC and need parts. (True story ) Should i wait till christmas or are they cheaper now? What are your experiences in pricing before/after christmas for a specific part? (e.g buying a case now, on black friday or new year) Got my 2 monitor ~40€ cheaper cause package is damaged. But for a new pc used parts or slightly damaged are off limit, so no outlet or rebuilt shop. PS: No interest in maybe slightly better performance/tech, money rules this build Thanks for your replys
  9. Industries still using ancient computers.

    worked in a medical Instrument suppliere there reason for running xp or older is the machines are offline and if they change even a tiny bit in the manufacturing process every health office around the world has too agree or else this product isn't allowed in this country anymore. So something invented ~20 ago is tested with exactly this manufacturing method and so they produce it the same way until no one buys it anymore. Its cheaper too invent a new "toy" and go thru checks than optimize a already qualified process.
  10. @Moderateshadow thanks didn't think was only the production cost @DocSwang thanks so probably its a good core plus no gddr5x thanks for the reply
  11. the last couple of month i heard and read a lot vega is great for mining and thanks too this an can't really afford one. now my question is is it cause of hbm2 memory in vega or is the internal structure with calc cores simply better for mining? I think at some point i read ethereum is more memory demanding in mining than the actual gpu(?) now "if" there would be a vega with gddr5(x) would it still be so great for mining or dos the hbm2 a big thing here? If this topic would be better in another forum please move it.
  12. Help with laptop purchase

    1000 sounds like the acer Predator Helios 300, video should come this week. or use something like Geizhals.de (Link is already in google translate and set to English) https://translate.google.de/translate?hl=de&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fgeizhals.de%2F%3Fcat%3Dnb NOTE: this site shows prices for the EU and the UK, but for a quick overview it's enough (1€~1.15USD~1.48CAD | 12.07.2017) surely someone will post a link for a site nativ in english.
  13. Repairable ?

    why repair? Hermes was so kind they upgraded your tempered glass into the new and even better shattered glass. @irony off i think you would be better with a new case, but keep the cables before sending it back, if they don't ask for them.
  14. yeah, was trying some joke like in these nobody movies, Didn't work