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  1. Konrni

    OS for Home use NAS

    ok thought a 2400g will get problems if i stream 4k too my samsung smart tv plex app, atm there are only 5 files which i could save in a compatible format but 30$ would it be worth if i don't have too care about a codec. "for os FreeNas is the most popular." sounds like "windows is the most popular OS" but is it the best for case X or for my case? sorry for beeing sarcastic to a srs reply, but most popular kinda triggered freenas ok, ~16gb ram (start) 2tb+4tb+8tb (start) at which point in time should i upgrade the ram. at which point could it be noticable "laggy" if >1TB ~1GB RAM, e.g. if my next hdd is a 8tb drive and i don't pull the old ones, what would be the resultes? freenas without ecc works but it is a data risk, wouldn't it be protected by raid 1 (sry didn't realy understand zfs so far)?
  2. Konrni

    OS for Home use NAS

    I'm building a storage + media server for home use with max 3 users/connections. 1 for backup storage 2 plex apps (only local) i don't plan runing any vms or many dockers, maybe bitorrent for offsite backup, thats it. sadly my media is all over the board, got some backups of uhd bds and lots of backups of vhs (well not a backup, tape+sun). I want to run plex on it so i have the r5 2400g in my near final selection. r5 2400g because, -old ati fanboy -am4 (i hope am4 will be around when 1151v2 is forgotten) -possible ecc (atm the selected board (~60$) dosn't support ecc but maybe a later one no ecc (atm) -> price. I can buy one part each month, best case. case is FANTEC SRC-2080X07 with a cheap 2x6GB/s sas hba so now is my question, for which OS should i go? unraid+plex, +did read will work - I can't afford a huge Parity drive so it is likely i have to upgrade it down the road (sounds totaly easy). - I can't change the raid beyond 2nd parity drive freenas+plex. +didn't read much but i think there is a working jail, -got no ecc, -1tb~1GB ram isn't possible atm (money >.<). openmediavault+plex sounds so far most likley to be what i need btw. i read plex supports hw transcoding only on intel or amd+windows, is it correct? i think bittorrent is possible for all 3, any better experience ? ---- Please don't point me to a pre build nas, some guys got guns, toy railroads or old coins. I will have a Server next to me it's a hobby and i like it but now i'm at a point if i don't ask it will only hurt me later
  3. I used Can You RUN it back in the days and was rather convinced. Don't know if there is an option to checking multiple games but at least for specific ones.
  4. Konrni

    Torrent Tracker

    Well good content will come with good a uploader so there are probably more good torrents on a open site (you don't have to know s.o. on this site) but are probably overshadowed from these crap torrents sometimes not even fully seeded.
  5. Konrni

    Torrent Tracker

    I guess first IF there should be not so leagal stuff ongoing it is a bit harder. But most important for me they aren't so easy targets for trolls and spammers and you can somewhat control what people are on your tracker. In my experience the forum/community in invited trackers is better. but a public tracker for me is where i need no login there are still trackers with open and required Anmeldung But you can get tracked on every tracker so only download legal content EDIT: If your question is focused on Trackers needed in the tracker Tab/window of a p2p client they are for peer sharing among a specific torrent. Open tracker just don't need a login but do the same, at least share the IPs under the torrent peers. They can do more(like logging IPs, Up/Down Rate, Files on Seed...) but if this is good or bad is your decision Used both types for putting large files on a server from no 24/7 machine and work just fine
  6. Konrni

    Case stand/riser recommendations?

    I can recommend a small pallets or assortment box (best if top is uneven) Can't recommend anything higher than 20cm or it will "shake", at least in my cases (old drawer and big box upside down) or just go to a local home depo and buy standoffs e.g. for flowers
  7. Hi, I got a little problem with my moded USB slot. This slot was always occupied with my wireless mouse receiver, for "better" in/out of my bag I opened the case and soldered the receiver pcb too the 4 pins (USB2). So no problem there, mouse works and it slides nice and easy in/out of my bag. My problem lies with the visible USB slot, which I can't use anymore, power is there but devices aren't recognized. I always taught an USB HUB is is like a Network HUB Pins are just hard wired. So it looks like this isn't the case, maybe. Did I kill D+/- ? (would be the best option) Or does a USB HUB connection work? It should be wired like this Notebook MB - v - > Visible USB Port -> Udisk > - > receiver pcb If I need a HUB or a single IC for this would it like this? Notebook MB -> IC/HUB - v - > Visible USB Port -> Udisk > - > receiver pcb If so, i think i'm screwed and now got a charge only usb port BTW: A simply paint like tool for the forum would be nice, i'm not good in asci art
  8. yeah eh, the chick is out. the chance is high this will be an illegal act, but not 100% So for what you want i think it isn't possible too run a wget on a non rooted nas, but with torrent it could work, many nas systems can work with torrent files. used this a couple times if i had too get or put large files like backups on my server. But the possibility is high you won't download movies you own, or have the rights too do so. Means it is against the forum rules too help you, think you fked up way more in your 2. post.
  9. you mean a nas running a webserver? I think every NAS brand has a webserver plugin / addon / settings option too access files over port 80 (http) / 443 (https). Just keep in mind if you run a NAS in your home and you download files in a place off the speed is (in most cases) limited by your home uplink speed, in case you have an asymmetric connection (e.g. ADSL1/2) it is rather slow. This is what i think you mean Home PC upload too NAS via windows network drive/folder (think it is SMB / CIFS) go too your friends/family's house and download the nice holiday pics with a browser from your nas witch is running a DynDNS in case you got a non static IP in your home would work with a Webserver and DynDNS running on your NAS, but is limited too you home uplink speed. If you mean download it in your LAN there is no up/down limitation (except the network cards) and you only need the Webserver. So you can type in http(s)://192.168.X.X/webserver and get a nice overview of the files, if you want something like http(s)://MyNasSystem/webserver it would be a little complicated and you should ask with details like what nas you are running, switches and routers in your network, maybe a little server.
  10. Konrni

    Need help finding a wireless headset

    can confirm, G930 is a good choice, used the predecessor and got the new version after it died. Using it ~1y and still healthy, it's no Sennheiser but sounds are good enough for me, mic is ok but got some complains in ts and bn. Range is really good, 2-3 concrete walls (without steel) no problem, ~15m Battery is truly great! Watch some vids about it PS: Buy some extra ear pads, included pads were crap sh*t (at least for me and my ears)
  11. Konrni

    backplane with controller

    this was my first thought, but got interested "if" there is such a thing and without the SPOF concept i see there no reason why there wouldn't.
  12. Hi there, I'm thinking about building my own little storage server. and here comes the problem, i want it as small as possible so i would like too connect the Backplane directly too a pci(e) slot. Yeah SATA/SAS (RAID) Controllers are nice, but they take space. Are there Backplanes with a build in controller out there and what would be the name of such a combo?
  13. trust me with a 500-750 budget with periphery i don't expect anything great. but 10% off overall could be an ~200gb boot SSD it more about, ssd now 80 ssd 3 weeks befor cyber mondey 110 ssd on cyber mondey 90 would show as 30 bucks discount and i lost (well my friend) 10 bucks and shop sales are not really n option, it will be one big box, a screwdriver and some time.
  14. for everything, or will e.g. ram rise in prices because higher demand?