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  1. @Moderateshadow thanks didn't think was only the production cost @DocSwang thanks so probably its a good core plus no gddr5x thanks for the reply
  2. the last couple of month i heard and read a lot vega is great for mining and thanks too this an can't really afford one. now my question is is it cause of hbm2 memory in vega or is the internal structure with calc cores simply better for mining? I think at some point i read ethereum is more memory demanding in mining than the actual gpu(?) now "if" there would be a vega with gddr5(x) would it still be so great for mining or dos the hbm2 a big thing here? If this topic would be better in another forum please move it.
  3. Help with laptop purchase

    1000 sounds like the acer Predator Helios 300, video should come this week. or use something like Geizhals.de (Link is already in google translate and set to English) https://translate.google.de/translate?hl=de&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fgeizhals.de%2F%3Fcat%3Dnb NOTE: this site shows prices for the EU and the UK, but for a quick overview it's enough (1€~1.15USD~1.48CAD | 12.07.2017) surely someone will post a link for a site nativ in english.
  4. Repairable ?

    why repair? Hermes was so kind they upgraded your tempered glass into the new and even better shattered glass. @irony off i think you would be better with a new case, but keep the cables before sending it back, if they don't ask for them.
  5. yeah, was trying some joke like in these nobody movies, Didn't work
  6. ok, now im sure, no need too be paranoid and buy without observe the brand name hope i'm not anyone
  7. ok, then i will say it directly my question wasn't for the best but can i trust seagate again. not offensive, just clarifying thanks
  8. I think so too but hgst is the enterprise name of wd
  9. Hey, some years ago (in "good" old ide time) i got a terrible experience with some seagate drives. For the last years i never buyed on again. Can i buy seagate again and feel safe, s.o. out there with only good experience? To say is, after my switch too WD i never encountered any drive failing or losing data. But this whole seagate promo on ltt makes me think "maybe seagate is better now" so, pros cons?
  10. Ideas For What To use Old Servers For?

    I would turn them into a storage server, not like a nas 24/7 more like boot up if need access. Got many tb just plane old data i think will never become useful, but still keeping. For me they wouldn't need too perform good, e.g. i got ~120GB of AMV in wqvga@30fps It is a energy waste too have them on a running hdd, but i can't delete them and on hdds lying in my bathroom it wouldn't be good either.
  11. 32GB SO-DIMM modules?

    Chrome Tab Monster and UE4 with high res textures, assets for level design. Sure it works with only 32 but it could be a slightly bit smoother. EDIT: note: it's for time killing on a train and if something good comes out it will be continued.
  12. 32GB SO-DIMM modules?

    now im sad, hope they will come Thanks for the quick reply.
  13. 32GB SO-DIMM modules?

    Just in case, i mean "Laptop-RAM" If they really are 32GB< SO-DIMM modules, can you post a link?
  14. Are there 32GB SO-DIMM RAM Modules out there? Not important if ECC or not.
  15. PS/2 Splitter?

    There are, found some with just your title in my favorite search engine. the problem with these most are passive ones e.g. you got a laser mouse and a RGB keyboard with PS/2 they won't work cause the don't get enough power. More Problems, they might not work with every MB out there because manufactures from adapters mostly don't know how the MB itself detect what signal is for what (mouse or keyboard, left click or f key press), what you said with the data. But for you question, there are! (But they might not work for everyone) If you really need 2 x PS/2 there are ones for USB. or just go with 2 USB devices. I think there is no MB out there which doesn't support USB mouse and keyboard but got a combo PS/2 port, please refute me if there are. -- tl;dr: there are!