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  1. Why were the computers only scored and won based on performance when the whole show included sales and support? This makes no sense, I thought it was about the best experience and product for the average Joe yet it was judged based on experience and PC professional enthusiasts.... MainGear are the clear winners here, the final outcome is bonkers... I would only recommend MG to any friends or family who don’t give a flying F about getting 90fps instead of 80 in a game they play. The judging felt like they just took the whole series and threw it away, ignored it, you could just have this video alone and it wouldn’t of mattered... /rant
  2. That doesn’t really make much sense... I’ve had a laptop plugged in for 3 years straight. You could fully charge the battery and take it out but it’s kind of pointless because once it hits full charge the laptop will just use the wallpower until you unplug it.. doing 50-60 constantly sounds like a sure way to burnt out a battery...