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  1. My apologies, I disabled the “wait for f1 to be pressed” option and I can now boot into my PC
  2. I can no longer get past this screen telling me to enter setup, and to enter the bios after updating
  3. My BIOS registers my CPU voltage at 2.779 volts, but Ryzen master AND CPUZ is registering 1.225-1.29V at reboot, I get shown I have installed a new CPU(I haven’t), and that I have a cooling fan and over voltage issue, but temps seem well at 38-33 degrees Celsius at idle , and I have slight hesitation as a result of it at start up but aside from that my PC works as normal. I’ll admit I’m a little paranoid but I’m not sure what’s happening specs: Ryzen 5 2600 asus prime A320M-K GTX 1660 Super (which I got installed today) 8GB Corsair RAM 450W Corsair power supply
  4. Seen a deal with a dual lens set with 18-55 and 70-300MM for £550 with the 700D, as long as it’s a decent all rounder that’s all I need from it. wondering if that’s a good deal?
  5. afternoon/morning/evening everyone! i'm just gonna cut to the chase, i'm in need of a mid tier DSLR to get into moderate photography in the £500-£700 price bracket, and i'd appreciate what recommendations you may have.! firstly i wouldn't say i have any must haves aside from something that that can shoot with snap on focus such as birds in the sky or sporting activities, and capable video quality, (4K, and wi-fi isn't compulsory but would be nice to have also appreciated would be a list of recommended accessories such as lenses, microphones, tripods, SD Cards etc. any of your help would be much appreciated
  6. does the 1600 come with a cooler or would i have to purchace an aftermarket one?
  7. mainly P pro out of the two and i tend to do a little more gaming in my free time
  8. Mainly adobe PS for photo and P pro for video editing
  9. Hello LTT forum. Today i ask the help of you guys to help me with a budget build PC for around £500-£600 margain, ive been advised on some forums to go straight for a prebuilt system, but i dont believe they can get me the most performace out of the money i have avaliable. an example being a system with an 4-5th gen I5 with an RX 480 or a GTX 650 8GB ram systems i believe this being one of the biggest PC forums i would greatly appreciate the help of you guys to help me get the most out of the budget i have. *im okay with any CPU or graphics card be it intel, AMD or Nvidia* *wireless internet is a must* all i want out of this theoretical system is to handle the following: - Light/Moderate gaming - Moderate internet browsing - Great Productivity ability like moderate video editing at 1080 or 1440p *no preference on 1080 or 1440p* And Minor photo editing replies are however you want to send them, if its via PC part picker, newegg, amazon thats up to however you guys want to reply Thank you for taking the time to help me out on this project build im hoping to achive with your help. i look forward to all your various choices and responses...