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  1. Councilman Dexhart

    Not getting FreeSync to work.

    After so many trials and errors. I got it to work myself. Amazingly. I turned up my refresh rate in display adapter settings to 75Hz and that made it work. Although I still don't know why that happened.
  2. Councilman Dexhart

    Not getting FreeSync to work.

    My current refresh rate is 59.9726
  3. Councilman Dexhart

    Not getting FreeSync to work.

    Hi. But even in just watching the desktop, that's 60Hz right? Shouldn't that be working? I want to use my native res of 3440x1440.
  4. Councilman Dexhart

    Not getting FreeSync to work.

    Hi Guys. If I am to believe Linus, this community rocks. So I hope you can help me. I can't get FreeSync to work, unfortunately. I found another post on this and did all the checks. Monitor = LG 34UC88 which is FreeSync supported (source: http://www.lg.com/uk/monitors/lg-34UC88) I have the latest drivers. I am using DisplayPort. I have enabled FreeSync in the monitor menu. I have enabled DisplayPort 1.2 (although it is now greyed out for some reason). I have tried reversing the display cable. I have tried to Factory Reset the monitor. I have tried another DisplayPort cable. Anyone with any more suggestions? Truly yours Bill.