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    Born and raised in Los Angeles. Have lived since in Arizona, Oregon, and Washington state. I have a basic motorcycle mechanics license, and 3 Harley Davidson Factory certifications. I also have a CA state Fire, Life and Safety certification. Currently I am disabled due to a bad motorcycle wreck a little over a year ago.
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  1. BestBuy advertised a monitor I wanted, at less than half the price anybody else was selling them for. They shipped a different monitor. I called customer service explaining the issue, including talking to a manager who promised the issue would be cleared up. They issued me a UPS return sticker, and shipped another monitor. Wrong one again. After talking to customer service again, I went through the same process.....wrong monitor again. I think somebody made a mistake on the website putting a ridiculously low price, and they were weaseling their way out of it, as the online ad disappeared by the time I got my third/wrong monitor. I'll never purchase anything online from them again. P.S. That's illegal btw, even if it's an honest mistake. I chose not to pursue it. Had enough problems at the time. I think it's called bait and switch.
  2. Simple solution = get the phone number for office depot/office max (not from the site in question) and call them.
  3. @GDRRiley My bad. I would Google Fry's Electronics, and at the bottom right of the main page click on "store locator".
  4. The US is a very large country. 8,080,464.3 km2 (3,119,884.69 sq. miles). Nobody can give you an address unless you narrow it down some. Like what state? What city are they in, or near?
  5. Kind of a long video, but I love this stuff. Science!
  6. I had a job at 14 here in the US. Washed dishes at a restaurant on the weekends. I remember my mom had to fill out some gov't stuff to get me a work permit, and I was limited to how many hours per week, or day (can't remember now) that I was allowed to work.
  7. I wish I could find a news source in this country (US) that actually delivered world news instead of "neener, neener, neener" partisan politics news. Disgusting! There's an entire world out there that citizens of the US are completely ignorant of. I did find a BBC radio channel, which is somewhat ironic since our "Freedom of the Press" amendment was specifically put in place because of (at the time) the British's repression of the press. >:( That's my rant for the day.

    1. iamdarkyoshi


      I'd like freedom from this freedom.

    2. M.Yurizaki
  8. I once made the mistake (long ago) of trying to find out when cooking pork, what temperature it was safe to eat. I got as far as p o r, and was bombarded with porn sites. They were popping up so fast the only way I could stop it was reach over and disconnect from my router. I learned to type "when cooking" first. Now it will be video's. Hope some little innocent kid doesn't make that mistake.
  9. LOTRO is free. If you look at some of the guides they will tell you how to spend your points (earned from completing deeds, etc.) to keep getting new content.
  10. Actually @Atmos makes a valid point. I absolutely cringe in disgust when I see things like : "The Great Pyramids in Egypt would have been very difficult to build using the tools and technology of the time. Therefore, they must have been built by aliens from a distant star system to use as navigational beacons."
  11. @Atmos I guess you don't get my sense of humor. But for the sake of argument, you're not mandated to drive a car. However you are required to show at least minimum proficiency at operating a car, and therefore must get a license to do so. The reason being that your life, as well as other's are at stake. Also, I was attempting to be humorous.
  12. This frightens me. I can see what's coming next. "Government now requires all citizens to be microchipped. This will include health monitoring, and GPS so that responders will know if your having a health crisis, and be able to locate you in case of emergency. It's for your own safety. Etc, etc, etc." And so the nightmare begins.
  13. It looks like an underwater robot camera. What's inside the box is the exciting bit though.
  14. I don't think hanging your GPU etc. from the roof would be a good idea. And why? What advantage would there be in this configuration?
  15. That's not a fan, it's a drone propeller.