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    Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Planet Earth, Milky Way
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    Gaming, adventure, nature, music, food... Pretty much anything that has to do with going outside when I get tired of gaming!
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    I'm a dude from the Ontario area. Most of my PC knowledge comes from pulling apart computers at a young age, only to piece them back together again. My other knowledge is supported by the search function that this forum has. I'd suggest using that to learn. :)
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    Junior Information Systems Analyst


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  1. A friend of mine wanted watercool his power supply. So he did. Thankfully he was in a factory doing so and not his house because he sort of caused a fire... Don't watercool your power supplies kids.

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    2. Ordinarily_Greater


      @Hiitchyi was thinking if you are "fire tamer", by means already trained in a firey condition, so yeah. Water Anomally peeps

    3. imreloadin


      At my companies IT support desk we had someone call in overnight once and leave a voicemail that there was a chemical leak and the fumes were starting to make him dizzy and he didn't know what to do...becayse apparently when you have a hazardous chemical spill the first thing you're supposed to do is call IT xD

    4. Hiitchy


      @imreloadin "Uhh.... Did you try turning the chemical leak off and on again?" "Did you try leaving the building completely?"