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    I'm a dude from the Ontario area. Most of my PC knowledge comes from pulling apart computers at a young age, only to piece them back together again. My other knowledge is supported by the search function that this forum has. I'd suggest using that to learn. :)
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  1. Flight was supposed to be for 2:50. Flight got delayed until 7:50. Found out through the co-pilot that the 737-800 we were supposed to go on was experiencing mechanical issues that wouldn’t be resolved in a timely matter.


    He was a nice guy. Would have loved to fly with him.


    Ended up having my flight replaced with an A310-300 because it was either that or an A330 which nobody l, I mean nobody had any reason to try and use.


    But what I want to get at is people who are frustrated about their flights being delayed. It was a mechanical issue. The flight could have failed midway through and we’d either be dead, or stranded until the airline sent another plane. Get it through your head that the pilots are upset too, but they’re not going to risk their life, or yours, or the F/A’s, or anyone else’s life to make you happy.


    I spoke for quite a while with the co-pilot and he was worried that I was going to give him shit. I used to work around planes, I know how delays are. Yes I paid for the flight, but I got a $20 meal voucher, along with a $100 travel credit. I didn’t even want both but I literally had no choice in the matter LOL.

  2. I just spent over $500 on Nest Protect smoke and CO alarms. For 10 years, this better be a good investment.


    1. Hiitchy


      HIIIIIII!!!! It’s going good! I’m glad to see you back on the forums!


      I’m going to Dominican on Thuraday and that’s about it! How are you?!

    2. Densetsu


      o0o nice!

      Just staying busy as usual.

  4. Overheating

    Use the aggressive fan curve in the software. It is loud, but usually works wonders.
  5. Depends on your ambient room temp. I was running 43 degrees celsius under load, 24-25 degrees celsius on idle with the EVGA 1080Ti FTW3 (6696 Variant). It really comes down to what you're doing with the card. I haven't touched an Asus card since the 770, but I've had issues with my 1080 from Asus constantly crashing so that turned me off to them.
  6. I see you creeping my profile, wonder if people still remember you’re around. :P

    1. wkdpaul


      We remember ... we always remember! :)




    2. Densetsu



  7. Having a hard time deciding between Start and TekSavvy (ISP’s). I either switch now, or wait and see what the CRTC is going to do to make things cheaper.

    1. NoRomanBatmansAllowed


      Teksavvy I'm pretty sure doesn't care about DMCA stuff (that much).


      Start also only goes up to 60Mbps while teksavvy seems to be able to go up to 250mbps should you need it.

  8. I’m dreading these last few days at work. I know I’m destined elsewhere but it’s a matter of where...

  9. Flight sim slight was a success. Took off from CYYZ, landed at CYOW, and did a flapless landing in a 737!

  10. Seem to have perfected flapless landings. Going to have to go to a sim for this one though, PMDG/FSX isn’t quite going to cut it.

  11. How could I make my mic sound like crap?

    Drop it /s aim a fan at it, blare music through it, pour water on it and hope it doesn’t kill the entire thing.
  12. Hey stranger :)

  13. I’m not sure this makes any sense but the 3D NAND SSD’s here are sold for significantly less than ram, where as ram is being sold for more than a 500gb SSD. Even sometimes ram of a 16gb configuration is sold for more than a 1TB SSD. Huh??