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    AMD Athlon X4 880k
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    Asus A88X-PLUS/USB3.1
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  1. So ... i was converting my Windows Server in to Linux and i backed up EVERYTHING .... except MySQL, i remembered this after i installed Ubuntu so the files did not get overwrote during the switch. I was able to recover the whole `C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 8.0` directory and files inside. One problem ... i cant just copy that backup over to new MySQL install (i installed MySQL on my Main PC with Windows 10 just to test it and convert everything in to .sql files and back them up) If i try to do that with the files that actually need to be copied (ibdata, ib_logfileX...) MySQL wont start... Is there any way to recover the InnoDB databases and tables with ibd files or what can i do to recover it in some other way? I was searching around and everything that i found required some .frm file which i couldnt find anywhere, im guessing MySQL 8 doesnt use them anymore? Imma add some pics of files that i have in to attachments And inside the Data folder: The most important Database from there is that `admin_tracker`, i need to recover that, other stuff is not really needed .... Files inside that `admin_tracker` folder: Thank you for any help!
  2. I think that i would go with the DLL route, when i mean not accessible to the end user, i mean just with file explorer ... most of our demographic are kids ... which like to steal ... but know nothing about programming or how .dll-s work and how to extract files from them so we are safe Altho, tnx for the info
  3. Im on vacation, sorry for not responding in a looooong time... That isnt really what im looking for... I was actually planning on doing it like that, but does that work ...? I know that it can for images, just reference that assembly in XAML but what about accessing it trough code for rendering with D3D .... im guessing the same way? Anyways, tnx for the suggestion Idk, looks ugly and we dont want it easily accessible to the end user, altho there will be a (kinda) web version so ehhh .... idk Im coming home on 18th and then i will test it, if it works imma mark that as "Answered"
  4. Just wanna add something without editing ... Here is the current file structure: -Program.exe (~15mb, includes everything) -someDependencies.dll What i would like to do is something like this: -/Program_Data - img_1.data (all images that wont change during updates) - img_2.data (images that might change) - ... and for other file types the same, or maybe even combined in to a same file -Program.exe (just the XAML, Scripts and WPF data) -someDependencies.dll
  5. Hi, i have a quick question which i couldnt find an answer for: My current WPF app has a lot of images which makes the .exe over 10mb bit (which is too big for me...) Most of those images wont be changed during updates so i would like to somehow exclude them from the .exe... I would still like to keep that stuff as a built-in resource and i dont want it to be an actual .png/.jpg/some_other_format file, i was thinking of an API approach, app downloads those images from an API but that would cause much more load on our servers since, again, i dont want to store those images in a easy to access file so no caching would be implemented ... probably Thanks ... i hope i was clear enough , if i wasnt, tell me ... please ... idk how to write this stuff ... (Im giving images as an example here, but it should work with any file that is set in Visual Studio to build with the app)
  6. Well what a coincidence, this video was released yesterday He used a RX 570 8gb which ..... isnt that cheap over here... and eyyyy, he used the PSU that i have right now! ... price is basically the same over here Btw, at the end, i went with an RX 580 8gb from XFX (the one i linked a while back in this thread), it was exactly 220eur and should arrive in 2-3 days, tnx everyone who commented up to this point to help me pick a GPU
  7. Just noticed a flaw with my upgrade plan ..... my monitor still uses VGA Welp, there goes another 10-20eur for an adapter ...
  8. So i guess i should try to get that one? I have searched up a bit about OBS support for the AMD encoder, seems like there is but its buggy ..... ? Ether way, if that is the best option out there im going for it, im just curious
  9. http://www.xfxforce.com/en-us/products/amd-radeon-rx-500-series/rx-580-gts-8gb-dd-rx-580p8dfd6 That one to be exact
  10. RX 590 ~300eur, but a bit over, idk if i have money for it RX 580 ~210eur, i was thinking of getting a RX 580, 8gb version is about 10eur more (220) so i would get it GTX 1060 - 3G ~200eur, 6G ~260eur, meh.... GTX 1660 ~280-300eur GTX 1660 TI ~360eur RTX 2060 ~450eur, pfffff, RTX RX 5700 ~420eur, i didnt even know we had them ..... Tnx for your help btw
  11. Not sure, and i dont have any way to pay stuff online, how our stores work is that they deliver to your house and you pay with money to the courier, that is the only way that i can pay And isnt shipping like 30-50eur +?