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Aleksa Djordjic

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    .... no job ....


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    AMD Athlon X4 880k
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    Asus A88X-PLUS/USB3.1
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    2x4gb DDR3 Sticks
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    AMD Radeon R7 240 Overclocked to 980Mhz Core , 1000Mhz Mem.
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    Raidmax Vortex V5
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    2 x 7200rpm HDD ( 1.0Tb , 1.5Tb )
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    Chieftec gps-350eb-101a
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    Asus 19 Inch 4:3 Aspect ratio
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    Stock AMD Cooler
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    Redragon K522RGB
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    Fury Hunter
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    Genius HS-G500V
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Aleksa Djordjic

    XAML Designer : "The Resource 'x' Could Not Be Resolved"

    So, i have been messing around with my Project for a bit too maybe find out what the error was... Turns out the XAML Designer doesn't like when the Project is set to build for x64 CPU's only So, here is my solution (maybe) : If you have set your Project to build for x64 CPU's only, next time you close your project set it to Any CPU and when you open your project, open the Designer while it is set to Any CPU, once the designer loads you can change it back to x64
  2. Aleksa Djordjic

    XAML Designer : "The Resource 'x' Could Not Be Resolved"

    NVMD ..... i created a new project and wanted to move everything to it ... I loaded up the old project once again, just to see what references i need .... and it .... somehow fixed itself
  3. Aleksa Djordjic

    XAML Designer : "The Resource 'x' Could Not Be Resolved"

    Visual Studio reinstall didnt work ether ... i guess i will make a new Solution and add the existing projects to it
  4. I was working on our app, some .cs file .... When i switched back to the XAML Designer i was bombarded by errors, warnings and a broken UI .... We use "Material Design In XAML" NuGet package for our UI. IDK why, but everything just instantly broke, and the error that are displayed in the second picture say "The resource 'x' could not be resolved" I have a couple of other projects that use this UI Package and they seem to be working fine, here is what i have tried to fix this : (nothing worked) Rebuild the whole project ... nope Rebuild the whole solution ... didn't work ether Reinstall the NuGet package ... Downgrade the package to a older version ... Remove its reference from the App.xaml, reload Visual Studio and add back the reference ... Clear all of Visual Studio cache and user settings ... Reinstall the XAML Visual Studio Package Nothing worked ... and most of this stuff i have found on their "Issues" in GitHUB repo. Last thing that i have to try is to reinstall Visual Studio, but because my net is s***, i want to see if someone has a solution before i spend a whole day reinstalling it Also, note, im using Visual Studio 2019 Preview v2.1 (i think v2.1) If any more info is required ... please ask, i didn't know what else to add. Thank you !
  5. Aleksa Djordjic

    MySQL | How to store insanely long strings ?

    We use C# , and we already have a User table which stores User data ..... and i kind of know how to Add/Edit/Delete data from the database .... we dont make Queries in the database and execute them , we generate them in our code , make them what we need and then call the ExecuteNonQuery() function built in to MySQL.Data
  6. Aleksa Djordjic

    MySQL | How to store insanely long strings ?

    Also .... one question ..... how do i declare a LongText .... i use Navicat , and i know that stuff like varchars are declared like this "varchar(255)" , but in Navicat it is Type "varchar", length "255" .... what do i put in as a length for a LongText ? .... Actualy ... i will make it how you said ... but will do that later , for now , we will use it like this Scrap that , doing it now .....we have IDs for Users , so i can use that same ID for a Job table ... so it shouldnt be hard .... right ?
  7. Aleksa Djordjic

    MySQL | How to store insanely long strings ?

    Idk what that means ..... im new to MySQL or Databases in general ... Idk how to do that ..... (like i said above to the previous quote) ... Thank you for your answer, i will be using LongText .... ... simpler for me What i was concerned was the amount of characters stored , as far as i know Varchar limit is ~65000 And i dont thing that the jobs would ever get bigger than maybe 10mb ... we arent storing that much data ... And how we are and should be displaying the data is to display all of them at once ... sooo ....
  8. Aleksa Djordjic

    MySQL | How to store insanely long strings ?

    But we need all of the data to be stored in a single MySQL database ....
  9. (We use C#) We are making an app which tracks your jobs from Euro Truck Simulator 2. Currently, we have our database setup and how we are tracking our jobs. How we intended to save them was in this format for example (All in 1 long string) : [J]source/destination/distance/income[J]source/destination..... etc , you get the point ... So that we can use string.Split("[J]") and get all of the jobs, and then string.Split('/') got split each job in to its data. But the problem is , as far as i understand , types like Varchar , Text, LongText (or whatever they are called) have a maximum data limit.... right ? So if someone has a ton of jobs, he will eventually reach that limit...... that is bad ...... How can we avoid this data limit ?
  10. Aleksa Djordjic

    C# | Simple Way Of Managing Currently Installed Program/Game Version

    Probably , idk , i remember that i didn't dispose the VersionHolder (Where i check for updates and store the info) 's WebClient and then when i opened the Installer for one of the games , it threw an Exception pointing to the VersionHolders's WebClient , i dont remember what the Exception was and i didn't really care , i just closed it.... i immediately assumed it was because of that
  11. Aleksa Djordjic

    Any cool free games?

    War Thunder , Unturned , Warframe , Paladins , Deceit , Heroes & Generals , Robocraft , Crossout , The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit (if you like Life Is Strange) ... maybe Rings Of Elysium or Fortnite if you are into Battle Royale .... idk anyome , search arround itch.io ?
  12. Aleksa Djordjic

    Jeykll site hosted on github pages

    You didnt close of the CSS Link Tag ....... i think ...
  13. Aleksa Djordjic

    Basic VB help

    If you need to have that value only stored for 1 session, im preety sure that you can declare (dim) some temp variables in the main form (if you are using Forms) script, or when you hit calculate you could display the value, and when you want to calculate the average , just take the value from the UI. You should tell us a bit more about your current setup and what are you working with. I dont know how to explain this well , its been years since i used VB, but i hope i helped at least a little ....
  14. Aleksa Djordjic

    C# | Simple Way Of Managing Currently Installed Program/Game Version

    Another thing to add to that ...... i went in to this problem when i was testing some stuff. You cannot have more that 1 WebClient, even if it is on a separate thread. It isn't really a problem for me as i dont need more that 1 WebClient at a time. 1 At the app boot-up when i check for updates , and that one is always dumped when it finishes its job , so that i could use WebClients for something else , like downloading the game itself. Is is still something to look out for.
  15. Aleksa Djordjic

    C# | Simple Way Of Managing Currently Installed Program/Game Version

    Look ... i know that hosting the files on third party is not reliable (i ended up going with Mefiafire, but my original plan was GDrive or GitHUB), but im only 14 (from last month) so i dont have any way to get my earned money into something like PayPal because im unde 18 and i cant have a Credit or Debit card , and no , asking my parents is not an option , world isn't perfect as some people think. I do have a free domain on which i host my Website (simplegamesaleksa.ga) , but it uses GitHUB pages xD. Also , why would i spend real money on a project that i probably wont share , and that i made just so that i could learn a bit more C# ... (A bit about networking , more .Net and WPF) The game version thing is probably not a problem as im using WPF and i dont thing it runs on XP , and Unity (Engine that i use) just stopped supporting XP anyway , so i think im fine .... and there is probably an easy way of checking this , just change a .txt file that i currently have setup to have another additional value that says on which systems it can run. Im kinda skipping parts of your answer and comming back to them later , sorry. The alternate download links are allready stored in that same .txt files where the versions are stored. Here is what i currently store in them : 1# Download Link 2#Alt. Download Link (if the last one failed for some reason) #3 The Newest Version Number , current version number is stored locally of course. Structured Format instead of plain text ..... idk , i dont know how to make my own format (yet) , im going to have to learn that , i want to know how to make my own format ...... but i wouldnt like it to be encoded so what is the point... And allready when the launcher is downloading the game , it downloads it in to temp location (Application Location + "/Temp" + temp file name, usualy temp_download_gameName). While the original file is .zip , i download and store it as a file ... just a file .... it isnt a .zip .. or .rar or .txt or something like that , its just a ... "file". And the best thing about that is : #1 An average user probably wont know the original format of the file , so they "probably" wont want to mess with it while the game is installing ( The "file" is automatically deleted after the install is finished ). So .... thanks for you reply and suggestions , but some of us like me have to use free Third-Party .... Again , thanks