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  1. My internet is being finally upgraded to 80/8 Vdsl and I need a new modem/router for it. I'm looking for something under 100€ if possible. I would like to have usb 3.0 so I can connect to in my external hdd for file sharing. I want something with dual band, 1gig lan and 802.11ac , nice interface with good qos and parental controls would be handy. Thanks for your time
  2. Hi ! I keep getting blue screen of death on windows 10 on my laptop I tried to do clean install from cd, swap the hdd nothing helps any idea guys?
  3. he sent me the photo of bios like 30sec ago it and it works hopefully thanks for help
  4. Hi guys, my friend recently build his first pc, but when he was instaling cpu he placed it in wrong position and he broke pin off and shorted it (it was ryzen 1400) and here is my question is it possible that the cpu take with it gpu ?
  5. Hi Im looking for a racing wheel under 150$ It should 900 degrees and force feedback
  6. Ivo_Svk

    Pubg esl headphones

    Oh I found it they are HyperX Cloud Alpha
  7. Hello i'm watching pubg esl and i'm wondering what are these headphones that players have They are look like Hyper X cloud or cloud 2 but slightly modded or something
  8. I FIX IT !!!! So here is what i done after your suggestions I talked with Telekom and they gave me the software called WinMTR, to diagnose network I've run it a couple times and I was getting latency to my router on average 23ms and worst was like 600ms. So i've risked againg mom hazard and plug my pc to router with cable and I was getting same result. I found my old router and made test with it and everything was fine except ping on wifi was bad. I asked my uncle if it's possible to run cable from roof to my room a he said yes We worked for 2 days, It was hard and frustrating but it was worth it, my ping is fine now. Btw I refunded that bad router and they gave me new one which I using now THANKS EVERYBODY FOR HELP
  9. Hi I'm Ivo I'm from Slovakia and I have high ping. So let's begin ... I have adsl 15/1 internet from Telekom (ISP in my country) and that's max speed in place where I live. My router is TP-LINK TD-W8961NB My wifi card is Edimax EW-7612PIn V2 My pc is connected via wifi because router is in other room and ethernet wiring can not be done To wifi is connected some ridiculous number devices like 4-10 ( one device watch lots of youtube 720p videos, other devices mostly do nothing or just browse web ) I've tried running ehternet cable ( I risked mom hazard ) with no other devices connected and my ping was bad too also my buddy living on the same street 5 houses away from me have bad ping So here is my question how I can get better ping in game ??? Can power line or some really good router like NETDUMA R1 (keep in mind I will have to use my old modem/router as a modem) help me ???
  10. Feel free to write the changes
  11. What you think is better ? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/bvPnvV or https://pcpartpicker.com/list/X8p8BP Thanks
  12. How are these headphones called ?