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  1. Worked fine enough, thank you for your response. This thread will now be closed
  2. Do you have any recommendations in a decent Disk manager? if it's not asking much a free and or open source would be much appreciated.
  3. Hello, I tried to separate my windows install from the software for it with a different partition for it called "WSoft" as you can see below, it's just because I was planning on formatting this PC later but I didn't need it anymore and thought this would cut down in setup time since I wouldn't have to install most of my software again, now I just need to extend that install partition but windows wont allow me to. Disk 0 is a Kingston 111GB SSD; Disk 1 is a 500GB Toshiba laptop HDD. The two other partitions are from a Ubuntu install.
  4. Hello, I am in the proccess of updating parts for my future PC since prices have gona up significantly and I needed to update my part list I have alreadly chosen most of them. Ryzen 3 2200G Gigabyte DS3H b450m 2x4GB DDR4 3000MHz RAM and the SSD I put on my old laptop (yeah we are going full budget here) For the power Supply I simply just wouldn't be able to fit reputable brands like Corsair, EVGA, Seasonic, etc so I started looking and found one manufacturer from my own country that makes these and this is what I found: TL;DR: I need a professional opinion on this Brazilian PSU or an opinion on this from someone who alreadly had it to see if it's reliable or if I'm buying a one use smoke machine. Link to manufacturer's website: https://www.brazilpc.com.br/fonte-atx-500w-real-pfc-ativo-24-pinos
  5. I think I will the 24MK430H seems like a sweet deal for an IPS monitor, I just don't know if my intel hd4000 will get something wrong with it's color or something can that be a problem?
  6. Very expensive (cheapest one was R$680)and I can't seem to find any IPS displays from them here in Brazilian stores.
  7. people seem to really like Dell and Acer but for some reason their prices here exorbitantly salty, the cheapest 1080p IPS monitor I could find was at least R$950!
  8. one HDMI is completly fine to me all I care about is ok color accuracy, blacks and contrast, resolution wise the max that I can render is 1080p, brightness wise even the 22MK400H was fine and also stand wise I kinda don't care as long it works fine and doesn't drop the thing on my desk lmao.
  9. A lot of people recommended me the MK600 but I looked and it is just not sold in Brazil
  10. Alright, I was eyeballing the LG 24MK430H which is pretty much the same as the 22MK but at 23.8" 75Hz and it's an IPS
  11. I tried to calibrate this one for a long time but at the end it did not make any difference at all, tried everything on the intel hd panel and on whatever windows let me, and also tried installing their drivers to no change at all either.
  12. I was told many times today after asking in other places that I should not buy LG monitors if I am looking for color accuracy and my better options are Dell and Acer monitors, you have any recommendations on those at 1080p IPS? (I literally only have an intel hd4000 as IGPU and that's the max res it can display)
  13. I work as a pixel artist and for the longest time I've been using my laptop's monitor a CCE ultrathin t745 with a built in 1366x768 14" LED display and I decided to buy a LG 22MK400H (1080p 21.5" TN 60Hz - 75pHz), well let's say I regreted it due to my own ignorance mostly for not knowing a lot about display types and buying a TN display when looking for color accuracy was a very ignorant decision at that. I would love to know how can I rate monitors and predict how good they will be in contrast and color accuracy in the future for a possibly more educated choices in displays, if possible I'd like some recommendations that fit my criteria as a begginer artist in Brazil. Here follows the US LG page for the monitor I bought (and returning it tomorrow) https://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-22MK400H-B-led-monitor
  14. Sorry for the long time to respond, surprisingly it does not work with my laptop's keyboard.
  15. Usually you got on Display adapters and it's gonna be there and you just right click and disable like this: idk yours isn't there tho, if you see it just disable it (don't uninstall tho that can cause some trouble).