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  1. Jessen

    Ideas to power a 12v fan on a ps4

    But is the fan not going to be at 100% all the times when powering it through usb? Is there a way to control the speed?
  2. Jessen

    Ideas to power a 12v fan on a ps4

    Thanks, I'm going to try saugthtering :)) I'm going to use a Noctua NH-U12S.
  3. Hallú I'm currently working on a cooling mod for a ps4, which will require me to use a 120mm or 140mm fan. The original fan-header on the ps4 isn't compatible with normal fan connectors. I'm wondering if a can use a USB to fan-header adapter (I know the fan will only run on 5v if it even will run). So I'm asking if any of you guys have ideas to power the fan and not having the fan to run at 100% all the times :))
  4. Okay, thanks man :))
  5. Halù Im wondering if i can split the fan header on a ps4 (see the attached image). I wish to use a extra fan, since im going to use a cpu-cooler on the original heatsink. - Edit The ps4 fan input is indeed a 12V dc
  6. Jessen

    What partitions to delete

    All right, thanks everybody
  7. Jessen

    What partitions to delete

    Can i unplug the hdd while its turned on?
  8. Jessen

    What partitions to delete

    Hallo i have just made a clean install so i can setup my new ssd. I have deleted some of the other partitions, but im not quite sure what to do now. I want a complete new install (no leftover data).
  9. This is the ssd i have been looking at (I have found a really nice used one) Samsung 850 EVO, 250 GB What i have heard of it's should be okay, but im not quite sure.
  10. Windows 10 have those gauges, and i have indeed been looking for an ssd, but isn't sure if it will be worth it
  11. Okay thanks You seem nice, hope I can bother you with another question. When I play "pubg" I get some stutter and my fps drops rather drastically, how can this be?
  12. Hallo I have recently bought a new desktop, and wondering if it's being bottlenecked by my low ram amount. Setup: Geforce 1060 msi 6gb VRAM. 8gb ddr4 ram Ryzen 5 1400 - overclocked to 3,92 ghz Mobo: b350m gaming If you have ideas what my next should be, please tell me
  13. Jessen

    Ryzen 5 1600 Won't Boot

    I have the exact same problem with almost the exact same setup. If you find a solution, please please PLEASE write it
  14. Well shit... But thanks for taking your time
  15. Im worried that i might have plugged some of the wires wrong. Will you take a look at the picture and see if you can see a problem?