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  1. Hey guys, I'm moving into a new place and trying to set up my home network and running into a problem. I have fibre at my home and the telco provided a janky looking Optical Network Router (ONR) made by Huawei (HG8244H). I bought an ASUS RT-AC68U and was planning to set up Network Place (Samba) Share with a USB 1TB WD HDD connected to it. Setting up the wifi to run was easy, but there are several problems with my set up... Problem #1: Network Terminal Router does not allow me to run in bridge mode. This forces me to run the AC68U in AP mode. I had to turn off DHCP too on my ASUS. No biggie. Problem #2: Connecting my Desktop. Given the set up at my place, all LAN connections have to connect to the Network Terminal Router. So, the AC68U has to connect to LAN 1 of the ONR and my Desktop has to connect to LAN 2. Given (1) and (2), we are now lead to Problem #3: My Desktop is unable to see all the shared devices that are connected to the AC68U. Even though my phone and laptop are able to access the USB HDD and my WIFI printer, my desktop cannot see them. So here is my question: Is there a way I can keep this set up while allowing my Desktop to see all devices that are connected to the AC68U? I've attached a screenshot of what I see when I connect into the ONR.
  2. I typically use react / react-native for Web/app stuff and cocos2dx for game dev stuff. Generating an apk on android studio for games typically last between 25 - 40 minutes. As I run a local backend environment as well for game dev, i generally have docker running on my machine which consumes quite a bit of resources too. So I do need a pretty beefy set up to support all these things
  3. So there really is no way to figure out what hardware is generally better for dev? I find that hard to believe.
  4. Hey all! I've been a long time fan and am a developer. I have recently been thinking about building a new rig and was deciding between AMD/Intel. So when Linus' latest video popped up (Is AMD a Good Option in 2018?) I was excited. However, as I watched the video, my long time gripe with all CPU Benchmark reviews came back. I am a software developer and I spend a lot of time compiling. When looking to build a new rig, I am explicitly interested in reducing compile times. However, I don't believe there is much information out there regarding a CPUs impact on compile time. There are people who post to ask about building the best systems for development, however, I have not seen an indepth review by a group (Linus or otherwise) that investigates how different hardware performs against compilation time. I would love to see Linus' take on what is best for development. I'm sure I'm not the only dev around wishing that hardware reviewers would do more than just gaming, animation and video editing benchmarking. What do ya'll think?