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  1. yeh, strange..and also i don't think i can replace it bc it was bought off ebay
  2. well, like a week ago my monitor gave same strange pixel screens when launching a surntain program..but only if i launched that program so idk if that was a sign or not..+ when i got the problem my room was cleaned by the cleaning lady..you think something silly like some water or stuff can cause this? Because i don't have a clue what to do
  3. because i can't change it and because my monitor says it's at 24fps and because i'm used to using 144hz and i can see the difference
  4. My monitor model is: XB270HU GPU: Zotac GTX 1070 All my DP's are connected to my GPU I'm using Windows 10 The steps i have taken are: - Going to windows or nvidia settings and trying to change the Hz - Checking for windows updates - Going back to a previous nvidia gpu driver - Trying my old displayport cable & one from a friend - Disabling G-Sync - Searching online (found nothing) - Contacting Acer support (still need an response from them) - Trying to make an custom resolution with custom framrate - using a different power cable and different wall outlet - trying my other displayports on my pc - connecting the monitor to my friends pc (wich also has the same graphics card) still the same - going into the settings with the buttons on my screen itself and trying stuff out - unplugging 2nd screen - unplugging the monitor from power for a day - deleting my monitor's drivers - trying the reset button on my screen
  5. no, in the settings it's also locked at 23fps + changing cables also does nothin
  6. i will leave the power off till tomorrow evening..we'l see what it does
  7. no, because i already used my old one again and my friend's one..and it's still locked at 23fps
  8. nope, cant do it through monitor settings through windows 10 and also not through nvidia control panel..already tried those
  9. 1: To the Graphics Card 2: Zotac GTX 1070 3: XB270HU 4: Windows 10