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  1. Was hoping to get some feedback after doing some research on my own. I currently own a gaming PC with the following specs CPU: Intel I5 8400 MOBO: Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 Z370 RAM 32 GB DDR 4 2400(4X8) GPU: EVGA RTX 2060 KO PSU: EVGA B3 650W I also own both "pro" versions of current gen consoles(one x and ps4 pro) Im looking into investing into a capture card and upgrading my current PC or building a streaming only pc. I do have some spare parts lying around, a used Sapphire 4gb RX 570 and a brand new never opened Corsair 450 watt PSU i bought in 2018. I could also take 16 gb ram out of my current rig and put it into a new build. How much CPU power do i need for streaming? Ive seen the 3600x and 3700x mentioned for gaming and streaming on the same machine. Im looking into a pc for purely streaming using a capture card. My current PC seems to handle 720p 60 fps at 4500 bit rate but i want to get into 1080p and a higher bit rate. Thanks for any help, trying to figure out whats the best way of doing this.
  2. I got an EVGA RTX 2060 KO for $299 US Dollars and love it
  3. Maybe try contacting HP support and see if they could give you the specs?
  4. Yeah unfortunately i only got a 500gb M.2 SSD and a 1 TB HDD, a couple games carried over
  5. Decided to move all my music to my m.2 SSD, bought a USB drive and re-installed windows Geforce experience is back and running normally Havent had a fresh install of windows in 6 years so it was time Now to re-download all the game clients and other software
  6. I usually use Geforce Experience to optimize games automatically and notify me of driver updates I have considered just not using it as you say, its not really needed. Would prefer to have it working though.
  7. Was wondering if somebody here has any ideas I recently upgraded from an RX 570 4gb to an RTX 2060 KO, and i used DDU to unsintall the AMD software and i installed Geforce Experience and the latest driver However when i open Geforce experience i get error code 0x0003 which tells me something went wrong and to try restarting my PC Ive uninstalled and re-installed the Nvidia software multiple times, i went through basically all the steps listed for a "fix" in this link https://www.minitool.com/news/fix-geforce-experience-error-code-0x0003.html When i try the tip using Windows + R and searching services.msc, when i scroll down to the Nvidia section, Nvidia Telemetry Container is not showing up. From what ive read, its supposed to be installed when you install the driver, but mine isnt being installed. Ive tried to factory reset my PC, completely erase everything and when i do, it boots into windows after resetting, nothing has been changed and i eventually get a message saying windows ran into an issue resetting the PC and no changes were made. Ive ordered a USB flash drive off amazon that will be here today, im gonna create a windows creation tool and attempt to re-install windows to see if that works but i figured i would check here first. If that doesnt work im gonna get a new clean boot drive(upgrade to an 1TB SDD over my current HDD). Any other things i should try before trying to again completely erase everything and start fresh? PC Specs Intel I5 8400 Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 Z370 Motherobard 32 GB Crucial Sport LT DDR 4 2400 MHZ(4x8 config) EVGA RTX 2060 KO 6GB EVGA B3 650W PSU In case your wondering why Z370, when i built my PC, only Z370 mobos were available for 8th gen intel at the time
  8. I ordered an EVGA RTX 2060 KO off newegg for $299 on thursday. The card seems to perform well and tech of Tomorrow's video he said it hit 71c in temps If u want 5600xt get the sapphire pulse. I believe it was on reddit but a sapphire rep said all of their gpus in the north american market will ship with the updated bios. They sell for $289
  9. Ultimately i wanted the 5700XT but once the 2060 was available for $299 i couldnt pass it up. I really liked the 5700xt but didnt want to deal with some of the issues people were having If the 3060 is a nice step up ill get it when it comes out. I game mostly on console, currently own a ps4 pro and xbox one x which is why i mostly stick to mid range pc hardware. With the xbox series x due out later this year i didnt want to spend over ~$400 on a gpu as ill be upgrading to that as well
  10. I went with EVGA As far as AMD goes, ill be sticking with Sapphire if i ever buy another amd gpu
  11. I bought an EVGA rtx 2060 KO of newegg yesterday for $299
  12. Im not anti AMD, but ive had some bad cooling experiences Sapphire as a whole and ASUS ROG Strix have given me the best cooling and noise performance
  13. The locked power limit isnt an issue for me as i dont over clock and the thermals, tech of tomorrow did a review of the 2060 ko and it only hit 71c i believe, more than enough cooling for me Im not a hardcore pc guy, i also own a ps4 pro and xbox one x which i mostly game on As far as the RX 5600 XT, i was going Sapphire the entire time
  14. Ive visited the AMD reddit the past couple days and it still seemed to be an issue I was ready to deal with it and try to fix it myself for the 5700xt, that card is a beast But given i only have a 1080p monitor and the 5600xt/nvidia price drop i saw those cards as a better value Ill also likely upgrade to the 3060 at launch if the performance is good