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  1. so i want to use an owc on my idea pad 110-15ibr to put an ssd in it along with my hard drive but i don't if that will work. (also sorry if this post is in the wrong place)
  2. so my friend wants to install Linux on her acer Chromebook mainly for steam and other apps but i cant decide between Cronin or chroot and i don't completely understand the differences between the two and don't know which would be best also i don't get how to choose different desktop environments beside basic Ubuntu pls help I'm a noob
  3. I’m sorry I’m a complete noob how do I do that and what dose that do exactly?
  4. my sand disk 64gb drive has gotten corrupted cause I tried to format it in fat32 and now I can't format it at all. I'm looking of software that can repair and recover the stuff on the drive (or two separate pieces of software) plz help
  5. To be honest I’m just going to ask apple to see if they can get it running ( hopefully inexpensive) and if not just try to rebuild it with the existing parts and try to replaces the cpu
  6. I am trying to rebuild my power mac g5 by updating the cpu, and adding a hard drive (or two) ram (memory), ect. I know it works from using an old hard drive, but I would to use an new hard drive but I don't know how to load up an os on it. I also don't know where the cpu is. So if you can help please do.