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  1. Diliglont

    No keyboard working

    Hello friendly forums. So, out of the blue, my keyboard stopped working. I tried different keyboards and different usb ports and nothing worked. However, mice and other usb devices work as expected. This also applies to entering bios, which i am unable to, so i figured the windows has nothing to do with it. For reference, the motherboard is an asrock 960gm . Both the keyboards i tried are default plug and play with no additional drivers required. Is this a motherboard failure? Is it a funny bios issue? And how do i get into and operate into bios if the keyboard does not work?
  2. Diliglont

    Older Windows on new laptops?

    And how would i go about putting the drivers on the machine? Can i install them during windows installation? I heard it's possible, if you know it to be, can i get a link or guidance?
  3. Diliglont

    Older Windows on new laptops?

    Hey, LTT. I have come to you for help as i can not see a reason behind this. I recently bought a Lenovo Legion Y520 off of a local shop, with an i5-7300hq and a gtx 1050 . I tried installing windows 7 on it, and did succeed. However, after installation, the usb ports would not work (i installed windows off of a usb port), and the usb hub would not be shown in device manager. Now, windows 10 works brilliantly, and lenovo only has drivers for windows 10 on their site. Is that it? Can i make windows 7 work on it? Will the w10 drivers work for 7? Is this intentionate so that you move on to newer drivers or just a consequence of windows 7's age? And why did the usb ports not work after a fresh install of windows 7? Did the drivers on the installer not work? Can it be something else? They do work with the windows 10.
  4. Diliglont

    Can a 1 year old computer be dying already?

    Woah, thanks for the responses guys. Tho you got me worried on the PSU thing. Will attend to this asap, thank you all !
  5. Diliglont

    Can a 1 year old computer be dying already?

    Okay, thanks for the quick response. One last question and then i'm gone, is that 87c legit? I mean, that's a huge temperature. Should i be worried? @samcool55 the case has the power supply mounted on the bottom of the pc, that's what worries me. And it is sitting on a carpet.
  6. Diliglont

    Can a 1 year old computer be dying already?

    So, what you guys are saying, that the problem with the shut downs is the power supply. Can i help the temps in ways other than to buy a after market cooling for the cpu? Also, should i put it on the ground or on the desk? I know it's called a desktop, but still.
  7. Hi, LTT. So, around 1 year ago i built this computer with all new parts, purely for gaming. With am AMD FX-8350, compatible motherboard and an AMD RADEON R7 370. It all worked fine until very recently. The computer shuts down, as in it's not responsive, and the screen is black. But you can still hear the computer running and the only way to stop it is by going behind and interrupting power from the power supply. HW Monitor reports temperatures of over 80 degrees on the FX while gaming, could that be a problem? The power supply is an Inter Tech Energon 650w power supply, which is supposed to be enough. Please inform me if you need any more info about anything. I have attached a print screen of HW Monitor while playing Dragon Age Inquisition.
  8. Diliglont

    Internal IP Address (Router settings)

    Would that also stop the ip from changing? Because, and i have only noticed this recently, my ip is different every time i boot up the pc. Can't i just use the theoretical new router without this ONT? Simply plug the cable into the router and another one into the pc, i mean.
  9. Diliglont

    Internal IP Address (Router settings)

    So i can only solve this by talking to the ISP? They're asses, big time. But hey, thanks for clearing out. I will wikipedia everything, to fully understand all the acronyms you guys threw at me. Thanks, everyone !
  10. Diliglont

    Internal IP Address (Router settings)

    Well, thanks, i'm feeling better right now.
  11. Diliglont

    Internal IP Address (Router settings)

    Well, guess what, it actually is complicated. This is the make and model. Huawei EchoLife HG865 it says on it. I can't take a picture, literally no camera for that. And yes, it is brought by the ISP, i didn't buy it myself.
  12. Diliglont

    Internal IP Address (Router settings)

    Um, i don't know if it's called a router or a modem, but the internet cable coming from my window goes into this box, and then into my pc. Linus doesn't have a video on the difference sadly What could someone do by knowing my ip? (offtopic)
  13. Diliglont

    Internal IP Address (Router settings)

    So, in more user friendly terms, to get into my router, i should just open chrome and connect to or ?
  14. Hello, forums. I've ran into a bit of trouble lately. I've been trying to reach my router's settings, by typing the default gateway ip into a browser. However, typing into cmd ipconfig resulted in the attached image file, a print screen of the command prompt. As you can see, for Lan, the default gateway field is empty. Why is this? I haven't found any info in the documentation of the router, which i've found here. Thanks in advance, and i hope it's not something complicated.
  15. Diliglont

    Recovering an original windows, and quick

    To an original windows 10? I don't think the 8.1 installed on it currently is original, in fact i think it's as unoriginal as possible. It's acting truly weird.