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  1. Does the HDMI port on PS4PRO support hotplug?

    Can't understand your language
  2. Event ID 129 error

    Hey man, did your issue solved? I changed my sdd with a new mid-end samsung ssd. And feel better, no freeze anymore. But I found al my 3 drives have some 153 154 issue everyday. But it doesn't bother my daily experience. I thought maybe the error code because of my cheap motherboard, it has a terrible SATA controller or sth. So a ssd might be helpful.
  3. Hi guys, I play PS4 on my monitor which just support DVI. So I use a HDMI to DVI cable. And I often need to swap the cable from the PS4 and PC. I googled but no certain answer about this.
  4. Event ID 129 error

    Me too! I thought that issue was because of my ssd. But my hdd drive appear 129 too. 100% usage and 0kbps read&write. Both C: and D:. I tried reset the Windows, re-install Windows, change in the regedit, update the chipset driver. But I got 129 more an more. Someone plz help