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  1. I currently have dual channel 8 gb and I doubt my mobo supports quad channel so I'd have to get a new 16gb kit. Is it still worth upgrading in that case? As for the psu I found a phanteks revolt 1000W 80+gold for 179€so I'll be getting that asap.
  2. So I currently have a decent enough pc, it runs most games fine but a couple parts could use upgrades. Current specs are: i7-4790 8gb ddr3 @ 1600Mhz gtx 1060 3gb some pretty bad chieftec 650W psu that isn't 80+ I've been looking into the new 30 series gpus and they seem appealing since they are priced better than last gen and I could use the higher settings at a better framerate. I have also had issues with stuttering but that could've been a power delivery or RAM issue. My question now is that is it worth upgrading my current pc to 16gb ram and a new psu or should I just look into building a new pc? Because I do stream sometimes I feel as though my cpu is also holding me back a bit but that could also partly be attributed to the lack of RAM. tl;dr should I get new pc or upgrade current setup
  3. It ran it fine off my hard drive when I had the r9 270 so I don't think that's the problem, I'm gonna try DDU and see if that fixes it though.
  4. I doubt I'd max out my VRAM on the lowest settings (stuttering occurs on same settings) and it still happened on the same settings that my 2 GB r9 270 ran it on fine
  5. So I recently got a 1060 3GB and it seems to stutter in most demanding games. It doesn't stutter in Gta V for some reason though. It usually stutters in dying light, witcher 3, etc. A workaround was closing svchost.dll, but I'd have to restart my computer every time I closed the game if I wanted to have sound in other games. My FPS seems perfect and doesn't drop, but it still stutters. What could I do to have it fixed? My specs are: i7-4790 (non K) 8GB-1600 ram MSI GTX 1060 3GB