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  1. yea , ik(ive used it in my pc since like 2012/2013 back when i ran like an i5 4440 and gtx 760)
  2. wait, what? but isnt the coolant almost completely isolated?
  3. well, i kinda wanna be able to see the fluid
  4. HI so i bought and installed my EKWB A240G in my pc(i7 4790k @4.25GHz and GTX 1080ti OC'd) but it keeps having this plasticy smell from what i presume is the PVC tubing. so im wondering about how to get rid of it(been about 3 weeks since i installed it) and my spouse are saying that her nose is itchy, she beings to cough and her mouth becomes dry thanks
  5. pump curve? idk(im a total water cooling noob if you havn't noticed yet) i've just plugged it into my psu with the adaptor which came in the box(ie: using hdd/ssd power plug to fan pin power idfk what its called)
  6. also when running a video on youtube 1280x720 @ 60Hz(on a 1440p @ 165Hz monitor) my cpu temps rise all the way to ~65° celcius
  7. my ambiants'll probably be around the ~20° celcius(living in denmark and such) but yeah, i get it UPDATE: i just restarted my pc a few times and everytime i booted my cpu temps'd start at 100° celcius, but then slowly decrease down to ~40° celcius(right now after running for 5 mins)
  8. ok, im not slowly but surely getting better temps, with my gpu sitting at ~47° celcius and cpu sitting at ~65° celcius(both at idle)
  9. what is this with bleeding my system/removing air bubbles? i dont get it(ive searched on google and see peeps doing it, but nobody explains how to)