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  1. yeah the case is second hand so i just use the open slots for the photos,( it happened to line up with my bottom pcie) thanks for the feed back!
  2. Okay I'm just flexing. But I'm really excited to say I finally built something worth posting. Plz feel free to give some feed back!
  3. jhogan93

    Moga pocket

    i have tried this one but no luck i found some other sites to download from but its sketchy af. the moga pocket just wont connect with the app. ive tried every button, hitting retry a billion times, its just garbage at this point. thanks anyways
  4. jhogan93

    Moga pocket

    Hey guys my local dollar general are currently selling moga pocket Bluetooth controllers for $5. Well I picked one up and yeah. The only way to use is with a app. The app is gone. Moga universal drivers don't work. Please save your sanity. Don't buy it. Unless someone has a solution to get it to work, it's not worth anything.
  5. I'm looking around $650. I understand this a small budget but that's how life is this time. I could stretch it but I would need a real boost in performance. I would like a decent gaming laptop. I have a full rig at home for my hardcore gaming. High refresh rate would be nice and expandability is need to make my investment worth it. Battery life probably won't ve an issue but if I can game a bit and not be stuck to a wall plug I would lean for the better battery. I will most likely be playing overwatch, gta v, emulators, halo, and some AOE2. Anyways thanks for the help
  6. UPDATE: I found this laptop on best buys website. looking at reveiws i think this is may be the best laptop for my budget. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/pc-gaming/gaming-laptops/pcmcat287600050003.c?id=pcmcat287600050003&qp=currentprice_facet%3DPrice~%24250 - %24499.99^currentprice_facet%3DPrice~%24500 - %24749.99&sp=%2Bcurrentprice skuidsaas
  7. 1. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Lenovo-ideapad-L340-15-6-Gaming-Laptop-Intel-Core-i5-9300H-NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-1050-3GB-8GB-RAM-256GB-SSD-Windows-10-Gradient-Blue-81LK00HHUS/205816581 -(discount is included) $576.84 2. https://www.walmart.com/ip/ASUS-TUF-15-6-Full-HD-Gaming-Laptop-AMD-Ryzen-7-R7-3750H-GeForce-GTX-1650-8GB-DDR4-256GB-PCIe-SSD-Windows-10-Home-Black-FX505DT-WB72/777091002 -(discount is included) $673.14 3. https://www.walmart.com/ip/ASUS-TUF-Gaming-Laptop-15-6-Full-HD-AMD-Ryzen-5-3550H-RX560X-8GB-DDR4-256GB-PCIe-SSD-Gigabit-WiFi-FX505DY-WH51/989024958 -(discount is included) $558.53 4. https://www.walmart.com/ip/HP-Pavilion-Gaming-Laptop-15-6-Intel-Core-i5-9300H-NVIDIA-GTX-1050-3GB-8GB-Memory-256GB-SSD-15-dk0051wm/393786733 -(discount is included) $574.89 5. https://www.walmart.com/ip/1080-Full-RX-HDD-Nitro-IPS-560X-GB-Radeon-Home-US-10-kbd-International-Ryzen-Wi-Fi-64-bit-black-2500U-HD-TB-Acer-1-1920-2-AN515-42-R5ED-5-GHz-8-x-Win/820048669 -(discount is included) $563.30 okay, i understand this is a bit much to ask but i need some help....... im currently looking for a cheap gaming laptop. i work at my local walmart and i can use my 10% discount online and in store, hence why all my links are to walmart.com. i was hoping this beautiful community can help me get the best bang for my little buck. if you have any reccomendations plz let me know. thanks!
  8. hey guys i have an old compaq with a 945gct-hm (livermore motherboard. i got a gtx 550ti in it and it works great except the part where i need to update the driver. windows cant "see" it cpu-z can see it but no matter what i try i cant get it to update the driver. the bios allows me to choose gpu (onboard, pci, pci-e) but always changes back to pci. i update the bios to v5.25 but still same issues. plz help thanks
  9. I feel stupid yet excited it took a couple of tries but it booted. Thanks man. I needed the cool head to think things through. Lol
  10. Well here I am again, in a less than favorable position. I just updated my bios to the largest and greatest with no issues. I went on to YouTube for a over clocking guide making sure I don't screw up. And we'll I got to 4ghz then resetted to adjust voltage but thought " well Jayztwoocents had his on auto I should probably give it a try." Then no post. Rub is running. Keyboard and mouse won't light up. And I had to kill my power supply after 10mins waiting for post. Plz tell me I can fix this. Thanks.
  11. could you possibly link a guide? im really new to DDWRT
  12. i already tried this but i guess my router is too old/ just doesnt have wireless repeater as an option. i looked in to custom firmwares but im not sure if im doing something wrong or if i need extra steps to get them to install. thanks
  13. hey guys im trying to use my old router as a repeater to get better coverage of my house. i tried some guides and get nowhere. plz help. thank you. merry X-mas. linksys EA4500 V3
  14. hey guys, ive been trying to turn my old RCA 10 Viking pro tablet into a linux machine. light weight and portable. but just rooting the damn thing is a nightmare. im relly new to "rooting" android, and the tutorials i have found havent really helped. just add a bunch of apps the are slightly cancer. so if anybody can give some tips, thank you. also once i have the damn thing rooted i need to figure out how to install linux (im leaning on peppermint 10). the tablet has a usb port and a micro SD slot. so yeah if anyone reading would be willing to help, please me your wisdom! thanks!!! not exactly my version but its the closest i cn find : https://shop.rcaav.com/shop/computing/2-in-1/10-viking-pro-rct6k03w13h1/