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  1. Wasn't this posted a couple of days ago? Edit. Yeah
  2. Would you pay for mods? [Poll]

    Honestly, yes, but only if I knew all the money goes to the one that created it. Not split among the developer of the game and some online store ran by another company and then the creator gets like 0.1% of that. And of course if the mod was actually worth spending money on it.
  3. It was kind of expected that older platforms will not getting the fix. Or at least some won't bother with them.
  4. X48 vs nForce 790i

    Are people willing to pay that? I understand that you might since you want a specific thing, but in general do you think are people willing to that much? I ask because I do have a 775 motherboard in the house, and that's really easy money.
  5. X48 vs nForce 790i

    300$ for a 775 motherboard, what the actual fuck?
  6. Nintendo announces Labo,DIY kits for the Nintendo Switch

    Not even replacing it a few times, some will break it while assembling it. You won't even get to finish it and it's already broken. Brilliant. They already know the entire Nintendo fanbase are idiots. They have been buying the same games for the last 30 years.
  7. Nvidia asks retailers to stop selling gpu's to miners

    Well now miners are 100% of their business.
  8. Nvidia asks retailers to stop selling gpu's to miners

    You ask nicely.
  9. Nvidia asks retailers to stop selling gpu's to miners

    Yeah, not believing it at all.
  10. The 2018 GPU Apocalypse

    As much as I really really really want Nvidia and AMD to step in and block mining on their cards. Truth is that's never going to happen. They made the cards, and those cards are selling faster than they can make them and for way higher prices than what they were asking. Nvidia and AMD don't care who's buying them and what they're doing with them, since they got paid, and got paid a lot more than if we gamers were to get them. At the end of the day they don't give a fuck. Did they ever have them in the first place?
  11. GPU Price Skyrocket

    Are they really? I mean right now sure gamers are pissed because they can't get the cards at msrp or even close to it, and this whole crypto currency mania might last until the end of the year and then come back again, while it will have its ups and downs which will allow people to buy the cards are "reasonable" prices. I honestly don't think it's going to go in the next 10 years, unless the governments intervene. Personally I don't think it's going to affect them or the PC gaming industry almost at all. Yes, of course some gamers are pissed right now, but it's just a loud minority. The ones that want to play AAA games will almost certainly get a console, while pc gamers will probably fix themselves on Overwatch, PUBG, CSGO, LOL and indie games, you know games that don't really require a lot of graphics horse power to run them (apart from PUBG that thing is the new Crysis but without the good graphics) I know the argument of brand loyalty down the line, since we gamers will continue to buy from these companies years from now thus supporting them in the long run, while the miners don't care about the brand, but about what makes them the most amount of money. But is that really true? As long as AMD and Nvidia put out products that do a good job at mining, then why wouldn't the miners continue to buy their cards 5 years from now? So as long that's a thing, AMD and Nvidia and anyone else who benefits from this, don't give a fuck about us gamers. As long as the money keeps coming, who cares who's buying the cards and what they're doing with them?
  12. I attempted to overclock my budget ram

    Just order one 8GB stick for about the equivalent of 80£. Bought it in advance cause I've heard a rumor that ram prices will go up even more. I'm curious to see if it will overclock like yours.
  13. Crucial Ballistix Sport Memory DDR4 Is it Good Or Not?

    I see thank you both.
  14. I ask because in the past I've only bought Corsair, Kingston and A-Data, but never from Crucial since they're pretty new in my country. So is it good or not so much?