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  1. cmstore.eu carries that keyboard and although they offer free shipping I many countries, Malta is unfortunately not one of them. But they do ship to Malta I believe. Have you checked how much they want?
  2. Topre do have a lovely feel to them. I got three boards with them. Do you prefer the spacebar that way?
  3. The cables for my 700 did the same. Both of them. And as I'm using a textured mouse surface it was totally impossible to use the mouse on it. I would call it either a design failure or a manufacturing mishap. I've seen pictures and videos of the 700's cords and connectors that are slightly different then what was delivered with mine. After I had a discussion with steel series support staff which refused to say if they was aware of that or not and if it was a design failure - I got the feeling that they kind of knew about it. They asked me to RMA the whole mouse to them but in the end a returned within the 30 day return policy to reseller instead. Perhaps I'll get one in the future if they managed to design and release a new connector solution for it. Or I'll simply wait for a Rival 750/800 or what it might be called.