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The Angry Computersmasher

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    I'm tired of forums requiring 500 posts for a custom title.
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    Anything related to Gundam (but only Universal Century)
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    Anarchist, socialist, feminist.
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    I am Zaku.


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    Screw Windows 10, I use Windows 7. Interested in Linux though.

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  1. And I'm still not convinced that your RGB build is making me admit that it looks beautiful, because I had seen too much RGB already. Haters still gonna hate anyway.
  2. I actually agree with this above post, even after watching the comparisons in 4k. Additional notes: I literally cringed harder when I see this. That screenshot perfectly shows how mCable Gaming Edition processes: it just interpolates the image, sharpens the image to a degree that I consider unacceptable, slightly saturates the colours, and increases the contrast to the point that it does crush blacks too much. It does not look like "anti aliasing" to me. Honestly it just looks more horrible using mCable GE than just straight-up HDMI cable. I encourage you to just save $150 for a better-performing graphics card than just wasting it on a cable that processes the image to crap levels.
  3. And I noticed that the Threadripper processor bracket was removed. Honestly, I prefer that be painted black.
  4. That comment I've made doesn't imply Microsoft magically poop out AMD drivers by themselves; what that comment implies is that there aren't any Ryzen drivers for Windows 7, which was later proven incorrect by @NvidiaIntelAMDLoveTriangle and @ShadowTechXTS, also a few minutes of reading any Ryzen motherboard pages. Windows 7 isn't really unsupported yet on Ryzen (and surprisingly Ryzen Threadripper). Also, AMD does support Windows 7 for a while, as NvidiaIntelAMDLoveTriangle has stated.
  5. And still no Windows 7 support on Ryzen. That means no Ryzen drivers for Windows 7. Thanks, Micro$oft.
  6. @LoGiCalDrm Yes, we do have many customisation options here. But it would certainly be helpful if one more option gets to be available to all. I would apologise for that, @colonel_mortis, and I would eventually do post a topic on Feature Suggestions in the future. Thanks for notifying.
  7. Not everyone has to (nor gets to) spend more time on forums just to unlock a minor cosmetic addition like a custom text title. "Rather easy to get" depends on what a person is competent to post more. For those who aren't into posting too much, that could be rather daunting to get it; others who are may find this easy. But all that just to unlock a minor cosmetic addition: a custom text title. And I don't think it would be necessary to make that as a privilege.
  8. Just because it had been there for a long time doesn't mean it won't get changed; it can be (and should be) changed for the benefit of all forum users.
  9. And I'm still complaining that a bloody custom title requires 500 posts to be posted. That's just annoying.
  10. My opinions on the Galaxy Note 8 still stand. By the way, did I mention it costs a bloody thousand dollars?!?
  11. This video is terrible in a funny way. Not the Galaxy Note 8 though, I don't like it. Still using slippery glass, as really fragile as the Galaxy S8 (which is very fragile) and curved screens on the sides aren't my favourite. (And before you reply, software palm rejection is still software palm rejection, which is still not better than having a bezel.) Also, the screen's too bloody tall. It actually makes my landscape phone usage actually painful. Oh, and it is much more expensive than Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 and the Galaxy Note 5, when it comes to unlocked launch price. And that price will be more expensive when you factor in the obligatory hidden costs, like a dbrand skin, an Otterbox case, screen protector (because yes, even with Gorilla Glass, you would still need one in case you don't want its screen to be scratched), etc. And yet I'm no longer into this Galaxy Note line anymore since Samsung's unfortunate fate of the Galaxy Note line from the much-loved-by-Android-nerds-and-power-users line into a mainstream line. The Note 8 is still a Galaxy S8+ with a more blockier design, a Wacom stylus, a bigger screen size and an additional telephoto camera with OIS. And again, with a bigger price to pay.
  12. I didn't enjoyed it and I complained. Also, I still see people complaining that this giveaway is only in USA. And they aren't enjoying it. Even Linus' shout isn't really effective.
  13. 30:45 - It's pronounced like "The Angry Computer smasher", with an S. @LinusTech