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  1. the hands did just fine, the supports worked. I'm still getting those lines, they're just on the butt now.
  2. I was thinking that it wouldn't be a bad idea to upload the file. I printed it on it's back because the last print had the feet curl up off of the plate, I guess I could use a brim to help hold it down. CE3_Hamster.gcode
  3. The picture is of a figure I printed in PLA. This part was the bottom of the print with supports below it. Why is it printing so rough? How can I fix it?
  4. It hurts but I've got a new PSU coming. The one I have maybe fixable but I don't have the gear to solder or know how to fix it reliably so I don't want to risk it going out and taking other stuff with it. Thanks for all of the help!
  5. in the PSU is something that looks like a fuse soldered in place. I don't see any damage to the PCB. Where the short was is just a wire labeled J5 and has that burn tarnish on it. The only fuse I can replace in the plug which looks fine. Pretty sure the board is DOA. I need to learn to slowdown and think things through.
  6. that fixed it, thanks! I them printed a fan cover for the PSU and while lining the holes up, I slipped and the PSU popped killing it. Should have waited for awhile unplugged so it was fully discharged. Im an idiot and today sucks.
  7. I am vary new to 3d printing, 3-4days. I am printing a paint brush rinsing cup and I keep getting these rough patches that are raised up a little but the print seems to still be attached to the plate just fine. This is the 3rd try (see pictures) and I have tried raising the bed temp and the printhead temp but neither seemed to work. I've calibrated the bed so it's level. No other print seems to have this issue but they haven't been this big. I'm using an Ender 3 pro.
  8. Most of the time it seems like it's a machine. Either way the caller never leaves a message.
  9. sometimes when I wake my iPhone a call comes in at that same moment. My question is, could my phone be buged, have malware, is my phone screwing up, or is it a legit call with crazy timeing? I've never seen or heard of this happening and I wanted to check on it.
  10. I have a windows server 2016 and it already has SFTP going on it for files. The camera's own software might work but I just want to keep the number of programs down as much as I can. There always seems to be a catch when using a company's program, compatiblity and asking for a subscription for features.
  11. I'm looking for a security camera that uses wifi and has a ftp connection so I can record to my server and not have to deal with a cloud. A vary important thing is that it's cord for power be no bigger then a coaxial TV cable, I rent and Can't drill big holes everywhere.
  12. I'm using a hdmi to vga adapter to send the signal through a VGA cable to a projector. The distance seems to be at the an issue, the signal will randomly drop out. If I put a signal amplifier at the source (my laptop) will that make the signal go further or would I have to put the amp inline closer to the half way mark? This is for a Church that I do the AV for so we won't need any anything high end.
  13. The fan was clean and I've even replaced the thermal grease, I thought that could have been part of the issue with the black screens. I've dropped the OC of the clock and memory, both by 10 points. My fingers are crossed. I can plug it in the 3.0 slot but it won't work, I believe there is a broken pin in the header, I do have 3.0 running to the port on my monitor.
  14. My PSU is actually a Corsair TX850W GPU is an EVGA 1060 Yes I know my case is kinda messy. I’ll try backing down the OC
  15. it's Win 10 and fully updated. the graphics card is made by EVGA.