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  1. UPDATE!! I cleaned the PC and after doing some cpu benchmarks and gpu benchmarks, I figured out I had a graphics card problem. As soon as I started up furmark the PC would crash. I then changed the cable from the psu to the graphics card and so far it has been working! Thanks everyone for the ideas!!
  2. He has tried changing some of them to get it to work. However it often crashes before you can even monkey with settings...
  3. My dad normally does have internet up behind it... But even system usage is not high...nothing is capping out. It just started happening recently and nothing different than normal
  4. It's all clean. Temps are as usual...
  5. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/KyNGGG ^^Here is the part list to the pc I am having troubles with. The whole pc seems kind of choppy at times it freezes up from time to time and then starts working all of a sudden again basically flawlessly. This is my dad's pc. He really enjoys playing fortnite still. Everytime he enters the game he gets to the beginning of the actual game...past the lobby and everything and it will all of a sudden crash and restart the whole pc. No overclock or anything. I updated the graphics drivers as well. Still same result. I also tried to reinstall fortnite and same issue. He has troubleshot some with some settings in game that he found online that claim to help. That still doesnt work though... Running Windows 10 as well..debating on reinstalling windows...
  6. What if I apparently forgot my password for pritunl web gui. I have tried reset-password and it says command not found...I am logged in under my created user not root. Is that a problem?
  7. Well to be fair I bought some netgear ones for cheap on black friday a few years back. I think I paid about $5 a piece...lol
  8. So, I think I got it figured out. My PfSense box is in the basement. The network goes out to an 8 port switch..it was unmanaged. I thought about trying to connect the AP directly to me ethernet out port and when I did that my guest network started working. So i put a managed switch downstairs and was messing around with ports on it and realized my guest network was working and the managed switch had no settings touched on it. With a managed switch there and no settings my access points are working flawlessly in all areas so far...mind you I only got this to work about an hour ago. I will probably make a video on it and explain it better but for now I think this is going to work. My guess is the unmanaged switches just had no idea about my Vlans even though the managed switch did not have to be told about my PfSense Vlan.
  9. The thing I do not understand is how he got it to work. I have a seperate VLAN in PfSense for the wireless network and from time to time it will work. But randomly it will stop and just not work at all. It is showing the network wirelessly and it accepts users but will not give out an ip address. It is just weird. I may have to go the route of getting a cheap ap for guest network only...
  10. I think so, yes, and yes. I’ll have to check that out. I believe I have the same as the ones in the video. ***Edit I have the same as the ones in the video...
  11. I would say if you haven’t already look into all of linus’ 2 gamers 1 cpu type videos. Those will benefit you greatly when it comes to the VM’s and what you need.
  12. In reference this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DL4vMLgBrYI&t=722s Has anyone had success making this work. I can get my devices to connect for a short period from time to time but most of the time it will not dish out an ip address. Any suggestions? I run PfSense on a box and then have everything through unmanaged switches to my devices and unifi Access Points I have tried using a managed switch with vlan capabilities but I want to be able to broadcast a home and guest network off the same access points to cover my entire house without having seperate AP's for guest network. Thanks,
  13. Thanks for the information. It just seems weird that sometimes it transfers big files super fast and sometimes it seems super slow transferring the same file. My desktop is a 2800x I believe and I have an ssd in there. I’m guess hiccup may be with my naps as it is only a pentimento cpu. I do have a samsung m.2 cache though so that seems to be helpful.
  14. jacob_samd

    10 Gigabit

    Greetings, I am wondering if I need a switch to connect my desktop to my nas via sfp+. I have it currently connected to my nas and sometimes it works at 10 gigabit speeds and sometimes not. I am not sure if I need a switch to make it work or if I have something else not working. It is connected by sfp+ cable and the same network card in each computer. Thanks
  15. Shortly after posting this I figured that yes, it was a timezone problem! Thanks so much for the help though!!