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  1. Thanks @BobVonBob. what software do you recommend that's capable of doing this? I was initially thinking of using Plex/Emby type of service as most of the encoding/converters that I tried had to manually add the files into the encoder
  2. Hey Folks, Need some help with setting up a few rigs to do CCTV footage archiving for a client of mine. My basic guideline configs looks like this: i5 8th Gen 8GB RAM 1050Ti 4GB Here's the scenario: Client has about 16 analogue CCTV cameras being recorded on a DVR. They need to store recording for about 3 months duration. My suggestion was to encode everything into h.265 1080p or 720p with ~300MB file size. The DVR systems have a windows software to schedule download video files. My question is would the above hardware be enough to perform this task? And what software is able to monitor a fold/sub-folders and continuously run this task? Appreciate any help that can be given to me.